Recent Undergraduate Research Projects


Rachel Ayotte | Faculty Advisor(s): Jonathan Wynn
Assisting with qualitative research on hospitals and neighborhood development.

Dylan Barnett, Daniel Goldberg, Ming Li, Valerie Lucas, Julia Medhzitova, Denise Miller, Julia Popkin, Matt Rosenbaum, Stephanie St. Paul | Faculty Advisor(s): Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel
Qualitative study of medical professions and the balance of work and family life across gender and class. This research resulted in the book, Unequal Time: Gender, Class, and Family in Unemployment Schedules.

Emma Beauchamp | Faculty Advisor(s): Anthony Paik
Analyzing middle school social network and text message data to identify the relationship contexts and message contents of cyber-bullying.

Aimee Roberts | Faculty Advisor(s): Sanjiv Gupta
Quantitative study on the correlations of prison and military populations in states and voting behavior.

Jennifer Curtin | Faculty Advisor(s): Joya Misra
Ethnographic study using interviews and participant observation to analyze masculinity and retail clothing work.

Alexandra Alden | Faculty Advisor(s): Joya Misra
Study of time use among faculty, working through different ways to capture time.

Caitlin Divver | Faculty Advisor(s): Joya Misra
Study of correlations between gender and faculty studies at UMass.

Jennifer Salop | Faculty Advisor(s): Mark Pachucki
Research on adolescent health disparities.