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Swati Birla

Personal Website

Dissertation Title: The past is a foreign country: the politics of colonial re-territorialization in 20th century India
PhD Expected Date: September 2020
Advisor/Committee Members: Moon-Kie Jung (co-chair), Millie Thayer (co-chair), Augustin Lao-Montes, Cedric de Leon, Fareen Parvez, Mwangi Wa Githinji (Economics at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Colonialism and Colonial Legacies; Global and Transnational Sociology; Caste and Race; Ethnographies of Violence; Critical Criminology

Armanthia Duncan

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Wooden Nickels: Afropessimism, Symbolic Organizations, and Contaminated Communities
PhD Expected Date: 2020
Advisor/Committee Members: Moon-Kie Jung (chair), Sancha Medwinter, Brian Sargent, Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, Michael Ash (Economics at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests:  Sociology of Race; Racial Inequality; Afropessimism; Environmental Justice; Criminology; Comparative Historical Sociology; Sociology of Health; Mixed Methods Research

JooHee Han

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: The Military and Incarceration: Hidden Mechanisms of Racial Inequality in the U.S. Labor Market, 1980-2010
PhD Expected Date: 2018
Advisor/Committee Members: Jennifer Lundquist (co-chair), Sanjiv Gupta (co-chair), Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, Fidan Kurtulus (Economics at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Labor Market Inequality; Social Stratification and Mobility; International Migration; Crime and Mass Incarceration; The Military; Life Course; Cumulative (Dis)Advantage; Work and Occupations; Organizations; Research Methods; Statistics

Misun Lim

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Motherhood Wage Penalty Across Life Course and Cohorts
PhD Date: May 2019
Advisor/Committee Members: Michelle Budig (chair), Joya Misra, Jessica Pearlman (Institute for Social Science Research at UMass Amherst), Nancy Folbre (Economics at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Gender; Work and Family; Education; Social Stratification and Mobility; Family Policies; Social Demography; Quantitative Research Methods

Ragini Saira Malhotra

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Criminalizing Childhood: The Politics of Violence at Delhi’s Urban Margins
PhD Expected Date: 2020
Advisor/Committee Members: Joya Misra (chair), Fareen Parvez, Millie Thayer, Svati Shah (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Political Sociology; Political Economy of Urban Poverty; Inequality; Gender; Labor & Work; Childhood; Global Migration; Qualitative Research Methods

Sonny Nordmarken

Personal Website

Dissertation Title: Radiant Selves: How Transgender People are Remaking Gender in Discourse, Narrative, and Practice
PhD Date: 2019
Advisor/Committee Members: Millie Thayer (co-chair), Robert Zussman (co-chair), Joya Misra, Miliann Kang (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Gender and Sexualities; Health and Disability; Inequality; Social Psychology; Social Movements; Emotions; Qualitative Methods

Yalcin Ozkan

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Righting a Death on the Job: The Politics of Fatal Work Accident Lawsuits in Turkey
PhD Expected Date: 2020
Advisor/Committee Members: Millie Thayer (chair), Robert Zussman, Kathryn Young, Christopher T. Dole (Anthropology and Sociology at Amherst College)

Research/Teaching Interests: Economic Sociology; Law and Society; Culture; Political Sociology; Theory; Morality; Gender, Immigration and Work; Qualitative Methods

Juyeon Park

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Dissertation Title: Raising Global Elites from a Distance: Transnational Parenting of South Korean Students
PhD Expected Date: 2019
Advisor/Committee Members: Naomi Gerstel (chair), Joya Misra, Millie Thayer, Miliann Kang (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Family; Gender; Migration; Stratification/Inequality; Higher Education; Sociology of Culture; East Asian Studies; Qualitative Research Methods

Kayla Preito-Hodge

Personal Website

Dissertation Title: Too Black for the Blues…Too Blue for the Blacks: An Exploration of Black Police Officers in the Era of Black Lives Matter
PhD Expected Date: 2020
Advisor/Committee Members: Donald Tomaskovic-Devey (chair), Joya Misra, Brian Sargent, Andrew Papachristos (Sociology at Northwestern University), Patricia Warren (College of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Florida State University)

Research/Teaching Interests: Race and Ethnicity; Policing; Crime; Criminology; Intersectionality; Organizations; Inequality; Mixed Methods

Rachel Rybaczuk

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Who's Your Farmer?: The Intersection of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Agriculture
PhD Expected Date: 2017
Advisor/Committee Members: Janice Irvine (chair), Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, Millie Thayer, Arlene Avakian (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Commodification and Consumption; Cultural Sociology; Food and Farming; Public Sociology; Queer Theory; Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality; Social Change and Social Movements; Visual Sociology

Timothy Sacco

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Shaping Future Scientists: Student Labor and Training in the Knowledge Economy
PhD Expected Date: 2020
Advisor/Committee Members: Laurel Smith-Doerr (chair), Melissa Wooten, Jonathan Wynn, Jane Fountain (Political Science at UMass Amherst), Daniel Kleinman (Sociology at Boston University)

Research/Teaching Interests: Science and Technology; Organizations; Work; Social Networks; Culture; Inequality

Safi Shams

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Economic Rent in the Fissured Economy: The Embeddedness of Contractual Relations Between Firms
PhD Expected Date: 2019
Advisor/Committee Members: Donald Tomaskovic-Devey (chair), Laurel Smith-Doerr, Ofer Sharone, William Lazonick (Economics at UMass Lowell)

Research/Teaching Interests: Theory; Organizations and Inequality; Sociology of Work; Culture; Historical Sociology; Business History; Political Economy

Ryan Turner

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: Vegan Food for Thought: The Moral and Cultural Strategies of the Animal Movement
PhD Expected Date: 2018
Advisor/Committee Members: Robert Zussman (chair), Amy Schalet, Jonathan Wynn, Colin Jerolmack (New York University)

Research/Teaching Interests: Sociology of Culture; Symbolic Interactionism; Human-Animal Relations; Sociology of Morality

Yolanda Wiggins

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: When the Family Goes to College: How Black College Students Juggle Tensions Between Home and School
PhD Expected Date: 2020
Advisor/Committee Members: Naomi Gerstel (chair), Robert Zussman, Jonathan Wynn, Chrystal George Mwangi (College of Education at UMass Amherst)

Research/Teaching Interests: Higher Education; The Family; Race; Class; Qualitative Methods; Organizational Theory