The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Department Affiliate


Richard D. Abel (2020 Ph.D., Texas A&M University) 

Dissertation: “The Effects of Outcasting Examined through a Stress-Strain Paradigm.” (Co-chairs: Holly Foster and Heili Pals)

Research areas: Crime/delinquency, punishment, and health in adolescence through the life course, quantitative methods


Craig S. Brown (2019 Ph.D. Leeds Becket University)

Dissertation: “(Non)Violent Revolution: Origins, Theory and Practice in Tunisia during the 2010/11 WANA Uprisings” (Supervisors: E. Halpin, J. Willott, and S. Wright) 

Research areas: Non-violence and resistance, politics of West Asia and North Africa, international relations


Benjamin Case (2020 Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh) 

Book proposal title: “When Yelling Isn’t Good Enough: Riots and Resistance in the Age of Street Rebellion” (Chair: John Markoff)

Research areas: Social movements, political sociology, civil resistance, violence, anarchism, Jewish studies, antisemitism, decolonization, racial and ethnic studies, cultural sociology


Lisa Lipscomb (2020 Ph.D., New School for Social Research)

Dissertation: “On the Cusp of Legitimacy: Professionalization in the Field of Astrology.” (Chair: Rachel Sherman)

Research clusters : Labor, work & organizations, and culture & identity


Safi Shams (2020 Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Dissertation: “Workplace Inequality in Rent Systems: The casual chain of inequality between and within organizations” (Chair: Donald Tomaskovic-Devey)

Research areas: Organizations and inequality, social movements, historical sociology, theory, culture, political economy, mixed methods


Wilson Sherwin (2020 Ph.D. City University of New York Graduate Center)

Dissertation: “Rich in Needs: The forgotten radical politics of the welfare rights movement” (Chair: Francis Fox Piven)

Research areas: Social movements, work, political sociology


Mahmoud Soliman (2019 Ph.D. Coventry University)

Dissertation: “Mobilisation and Demobilisation of the Palestinian Society Towards Popular Resistance from 2004-2014” (Committee: Paul Rogers, Andrew Rigby and Jason Begley)

Research areas: Social movements, peace and nonviolence


Eunkyung Song (2019 Ph.D. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)

Dissertation: “Power from the Fingertips: Writing Alone and Working Together in Digital Media in Korea.” (Chair: Paul McLean)

Research areas: Computational social science, collective behavior and social movements, social network analysis, relational sociology, cultural sociology