Fall 2014 Cohort


Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters is a website that supports the University's many initiatives and programs to maintain an inclusive, safe environment for our diverse community. Under Resources you will find a variety of resource options for support, to learn about centers, or join groups.

Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA)

The GSCA seeks to build and sustain a supportive community for graduate students of color that contributes to their academic development, social growth, and well-being. GSCA holds regular events on fellowship training, teaching workshops and membership socials.


GEO-UAW is the union for graduate employees at UMass Amherst, and is a unit of United Auto Workers Local 2322. We represent teaching assistants, teaching associates, research assistants, project assistants, assistant residence directors, graduate interns, fellows, and trainees. Sociology student TAs, TOs, and RAs are all represented by GEO. The Sociology graduate department has a proud tradition of activism within GEO, and 100% of eligible student-workers are currently union members. You can find Sociology graduate students fighting for our rights and the rights of all workers from the picket lines to the bargaining table.

Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA)

The Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA) Wiki was created to chronicle our activities in the hopes of preserving collective memories, and the website is being maintained by all SGSA members. The Wiki provides SGSA meeting minutes, governance related information, as well as help with all things graduate school. The Wiki is also a great  online resource for incoming graduate students and offers a digital version of the First Year Graduate Student Survival Guide.  Due to the nature of information provided via this Wiki, the access is limited to members of SGSA only. New graduate students will automatically be added to the SGSA Wiki.