Fall 2014 Cohort


The Graduate Program in Sociology at UMass Amherst welcomes applications from talented people with a desire to develop their theoretical and methodological skills in the discipline, and to put their minds to work on the problems of society. Ours is a doctoral program that prepares students for careers in college or university teaching, social research, or public service. The department has an average of 75 ongoing graduate students, with between 6 and 10 new students entering each year. The approximately 30 members of our graduate faculty advise students and serve on their dissertation and other committees. Students may also draw on the expertise of faculty from the Five College consortium of institutions in the local area.

A range of theoretical, methodological, and substantive concerns characterize faculty research and departmental course offerings.  Research clusters, which include both faculty and graduate students, reflect our particular strengths. Students design their own individualized degree programs in consultation with advisors, incorporating requirements and electives in sociology, as well as electives in other departments.

For those admitted to the program, we normally provide funding in the form of a Teaching Assistantship, including a stipend, a tuition credit and health, dental, vision, wellness and childcare benefits. The department makes every effort to support all who enter and remain in good standing for five years. A number of our graduate students also obtain departmental, university, and external funding beyond the initial years, or teach courses in one of the surrounding colleges.

Our graduates have  taken jobs at large research universities, state universities, small liberal arts colleges, and community colleges. Others have become full-time researchers, university administrators, or non-profit directors, or have won post-doctoral fellowships.