Villanueva Montalvo Named 2022-2023 CRF Scholar

Professor Aida Villanueva Montalvo | UMass Sociology

Assistant Professor Aida Villanueva Montalvo has been named one of six Family Research Scholars through the Center for Research on Families for 2022-2023.

CRF scholars are selected based on their promising work in family-related research. The Family Research Scholars program is a year-long interdisciplinary seminar designed to build lasting and productive connections among researchers of various disciplines by providing concrete skills for successful grant submission.

Dr. Villanueva studies the intersection of gender inequality, family labor, and women’s employment in Latin America and the United States. In her research, Dr. Villanueva takes a cross-national, comparative approach to explore women’s work and the reproduction of gendered disadvantage in labor markets. Her portfolio could be organized under three branches: family labor, precarious employment, and household structure. Dr. Villanueva’s current projects explore connections between daughters’ family labor and mothers’ work for pay in disadvantaged households. Her research proposal for the CRF Family Research Scholar program is, "Mothers' Paid Labor and Household Dynamics in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from a High-Mortality Context."

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