The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sociology Graduate Students Named 2022-2023 CRF Scholars

Three Sociology graduate students have been named 2022-2023 Student Research Scholars by the Center for Research on Families. These competitive awards recognize outstanding students from a broad range of departments and disciplines who are conducting research on issues related to families.

This year’s student awardees are doing diverse research addressing family challenges ranging from ethnic and racial disparities in ADHD assessments, to health implications of lead and copper contamination in local communities’ drinking water, to resource to create community and clinical solutions to improve neonatal and maternal health outcomes.

Chen-Shuo Hong has been awarded a Graduate Student Dissertation Award by the Center for Research on Families. His research project examines the patterns of social ties on health disparities.

Shuyin Liu has been awarded a Conference Registration Award from the Center for Research on Families, which supports her research on how living arrangements in urban China modify the association between women's education and housework hours.

Youngjoon Bae was awarded a Methodology Workshop Scholarship from the Center for Research on Families, which supports his research on how social isolation and low levels of social contacts shapes eating behavior and weight in older men and women differently.

Read more about the 2022-2023 CRF Student Research Awards, including profiles of each student’s research project, on the Center for Research on Families website.