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Misra and Dyer Stewart Publish New Book

Gendered Lives, Sexual Beings: A Feminist Anthology

Sociology professor Joya Misra, PhD candidate Mahala Dyer Stewart, and Marni Alyson Brown of Georgia Gwinnett College, have published their co-edited anthology, "Gendered Lives, Sexual Beings."

Published by Sage Publishing, the anthology has an open access companion website, aimed at keeping content up-to-date and relevant. The website allows instructors to assign an array of materials – blog posts, podcasts, short videos, movies, and other resources – related to the readings for students. Instructors might also choose to screen materials in class, or use the data, images, and other materials to support their lectures. Instructors and students can also make recommendations for other materials, which allows for constant updating and fresh perspectives.

The co-editors chose to include cutting-edge research, as well as classical statements, on gender & sexuality. Each piece has been shortened and focused for an undergraduate audience. The anthology centers on four core frameworks throughout the book, including intersectionality (how class, race, ethnicity, nationality, and other statuses intersect in shaping how gender and sexuality are experienced), masculinity, transgender, and global processes. The book is divided into sections on theory, knowledge and methods, bodies and identities, culture and media, religion, families and intimate relationships, education, sport, work and organizations, violence, crime, and incarceration, and politics, activism, and social movements.

Joya Misra, a former Editor of the journal Gender & Society, notes, “Our goal is to showcase wonderful new scholarship on gender and sexuality – but also create a resource that works for the 21st century classroom. We hope this book and the website will be great resources for conventional classrooms, flipped classrooms, and online classrooms.”

Mahala Dyer Stewart, who served as managing editor for Gender & Society, states, “We hope to combine the benefits of a traditional reader with the abundance of online materials that are available to instructors. Our vision with this anthology is to offer foundational and exciting new research in the field. We hope our regular updates to the website’s media materials and supplemental readings, informed by instructors’ suggestions, creates a dynamic and interactive resource.”

Marni Brown, former coordinator of Gender & Society in the Classroom, comments, “This anthology uses a consistent framework to help students make sense of gender and sexuality scholarship of the 21st century. Together, the range of material and open access website invite students and instructors of all classrooms to engage with a fascinating field of research.”

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July 18, 2017