The University of Massachusetts Amherst

2021 Sociology Undergraduate Award Winners Announced

Shana Bouyer & Siena Small, 2021 UMass Sociology Speakers

Over 50 undergraduate students have been recognized for their exceptional research, writing, and dedication to the department and field of Sociology at the 2021 Sociology Award Ceremony, held on Thursday, April 29th via Zoom.  These awards include selections for an SBS Commencement Ceremony Speaker and Sociology Award Ceremony Speaker, as well as recognition for outstanding juniors and seniors, peer advisors, and papers, and inductees into Ph Beta Kappa, which recognizes the University's highest achieving students in the liberal arts and sciences.  Awardees are listed below.

Meghan K. Beebe Senior Speaker Award & SBS Commencement Ceremony Speaker:
Siena Small

Sociology Senior Speaker Award & Sociology Ceremony Speaker:
Shana Bouyer

Henry Korson Outstanding Seniors:
Darby Larkin
Ellie Misra

Henry Korson Outstanding Junior:
Lynn Tyi'a Porter

David S. Leiderman Award:
Kathryn Gallagher

C. Wright Mills Award:
Samuel Spencer

Sociology Best Paper Award:
Isabel Levin, "They Don't Know How to Complain": How American Schools Have Forgotten Immigrant Parents
Ariana Vazquez, Racism Within the Process of Reproduction

Jane Addams Sociology in Practice Award:
Samuel Spencer

Sociology Summer Internship Awards:
Julia Ganley
Isabel Levin
Zachery Moceri

2021-2022 Sociology Peer Advisors:

Jayme Addy (Senior PA)
Jenna Boyer
Ethel Deng
Sean Dunham
Isabel Levin (Senior PA)
Ellie Misra
Caroline "CJ" Pingeton
Talia Tartaro
Eva Trainer (Senior PA)

Service to the Major Award (2020-2021 Peer Advisors):
Jayme Addy
Shana Bouyer
Samantha Buteau
Isabel Levin
Rachel Mackoff
Lane Mehltretter
CJ Pingeton
Alex Robeau
Eva Trainer
Ariana Vazquez

W.E.B. DuBois Outstanding Sociological Achievement Award:

Grace Barton
Kylee Christensen
Emma Doherty
Clara Goldberg
Mika Hurd
Kyle Keegan
Riley McTaggart
Amanda Mok
Hannah Plaziak
Siobhan Powers

Shelby Casimir
Liv Riley Charbonneau
Amanda Silva
Zuhair Syed

Sociology Senior Theses:
Darby Ann Larkin, Guide to Building Reentry Services in Upstate New York
Kyle Maki Keegan, Understanding the Impact of Patient Health Literacy on Health Care Seeking Behaviors for Urgent Care Centers and Hospital Emergency Departments in Massachusetts

2020-2021 UMass Amherst Rising Researcher Award:
Isabel Levin
Solomon Siskind

Phi Beta Kappa:

Class of 2021:
Meghan Brennan
Allison Burke
Kyle Keegan
Rachel Mackoff
Hannah Plaziak
Alex Robeau
Maylene Rodriguez Scott

Class of 2022:
Natalie Aronson
Isabel Levin