Stephanie Diaz | URP

Stephanie DiazClass Year: 2018 (February)
Major(s): Sociology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Research Advisor(s): Professor David Cort

This project analyzes how enacted stigma beliefs affects precautionary sexual behavior in sub-Saharan Africa. While previous research has established how experiencing HIV stigma affects precautionary behaviors of those who are HIV positive, research on the relationship between expressing stigmatized beliefs and precautionary behavior is scarce.

About me:
I transferred from Santa Monica College after earning two associates degrees: one in Public Policy and the other in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Science. I am increasingly interested in research pertaining to gender policy. My ultimate goal is to earn a Ph.D. and conduct research in that area. I continue to work on various research projects at UMass in an effort to learn, gain experience, and expand my research expertise.

Previously, I worked with a team of social scientists on various academic projects. For example, I have explored what Title IX legislation has done for breaking down gender barriers in sports. Additionally I’ve researched Planned Parenthood’s political battles through the years. I have also worked on a project proposal to address Los Angeles County’s Emergency Services Homelessness Dilemma.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to go back to the west coast; continue working as a research assistant (hopefully at a University of California campus) and begin preparation for a PhD program.