Rachel Bargoot | URP

Rachel BargootClass Year: 2020
Major(s): Sociology
Certificate(s): Population Studies, The Study and Practice of Writing (SPOW)
Hometown: Quincy, MA

Research Advisor(s): Professor Naomi Gerstel and Professor Kat Fabel

I began research as a member of a research team comprised of graduate students and am now taking what I have learned to create my own honors thesis. The project entails looking the ways in which the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) plays out on college campuses. It is a qualitative study which includes the analysis of interviews with college personnel about how they interact with families especially related to issues surrounding FERPA. The overall goal of the project will be to illustrate the rise of the family as a consumer of higher education and how that trend conflicts with FERPA.

About me:
I am a Resident Assistant, a Sociology Peer Advisor, and I am involved in the Religious and Spiritual Life Council on campus. My involvement on campus has allowed me to create a unique educational experience that is tailored to my interests. My involvement in research and my other activities have played a large role in my education.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to attend graduate school for higher education administration. Research, classes, and the mentor relationships I have created during my time in Sociology have helped me determine that a career in higher education is the best path for me.