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Irene Boeckmann

Irene Boeckmann


Irene Boeckmann is a Ph.D. candidate in the Sociology department. Her research interests include gender, parenthood, labor market stratification, social policies and welfare states, and cross-nationally comparative analyses. Currently, she is working on her dissertation examining the employment patterns of women after the transition to motherhood from a comparative perspective. She works with Joya Misra and Michelle Budig on their research project studying the relationship between the women's employment outcomes and work-family policies across 22 countries in Europe, North America and Australia. Irene is a member of ASA, Sociologists for Women in Society, and RC28.


2003 lic.phil. Social Work University of Freiburg i.Ue., Switzerland


Dissertation title: Employment and the Transition to Parenthood from a Comparative Perspective.

Comprehensive exam paper: The Impact of Co-Residential Fatherhood on Men's Earnings from a Cross-National Perspective.

Research experience

Research Assistant to Professor Joya Misra, Sociology Department, University of Massachusetts—Amherst, 2011-2012.

Research Assistant, Sociology Department, University of Massachusetts—Amherst.
Project: "The Cross-National Effects of Work-Family Policies."
Principal Investigators: Professor Joya Misra and Professor Michelle Budig, 2006-2010.
Database: Work-Family Policy Indicators.

Research Assistant, Department of Education, University of Zurich.
Project: "Children and Domestic Violence: Their Understandings, Coping-Strategies and Needs."
Principal Investigator: Dr. Corinna Seith, 2004-2005.

Research Assistant to Dr. Carrie Yodanis, French and German questionnaire translation, pre-testing, data collection for "The International Dating Violence Study (IDVS)" (with Corinne Sieber), 2001-2002.

Research Assistant to Professor Murray A. Straus, Family Research Laboratory, Sociology Department, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, (July/August 2000).


Michelle Budig, Joya Misra, and Irene Boeckmann (forthcoming). "The Motherhood Pay Gap Cross-Nationally: How Work-Family Policies and Cultural Attitudes Intersect." Social Politics.

Joya Misra, Michelle Budig, and Irene Boeckmann 2011. "Work-Family Policies and the Effects of Children on Women's Employment Hours and Wages." Community, Work, and Family. 14(2): 139-147.

Joya Misra, Michelle Budig, and Irene Boeckmann 2011. "Cross-National Patterns in Individual and Household Employment and Work Hours by Gender and Parenthood." Research in the Sociology of Work. 22: 169-207.

Carrie Yodanis, Irene Boeckmann and Corinne Sieber 2007. "Language Heterogamy and Relationship Dynamics: Conflict, Commitment, and Communication." International Journal of Sociology of the Family. 33: 241-261.


SOCIOL 106 – Race, Class, Gender & Ethnicity, Spring 2011
SOCIOL 212 – Elementary Statistics, Summer 2011
SOCIOL 320 – Work & Society, Fall 2011

TA experience

SOCIOL 211 – Data Collection and Analysis, Fall 2005
SOCIOL 106 – Race, Class, Gender, Spring 2006
SOCIOL 107 – Introduction to Statistics, Fall 2007
SOCIOL 103 – Social Problems, Spring 2008


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