Learn Excel to further your career : Three Part Series An introduction to Excel touching on the 50 most common Excel interview questions

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Join Steph Stoudenmire in this 3 part series: divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. The first hour will cover the material; the second hour will be available for any unique questions the audience has.

Intro/ Beginners: Are you brand new to Excel? Looking to expand your horizons in the workplace? In our intro to excel class for beginners we will give you the tools you need to have a solid foundation. Whether you know a little or a lot we will get down to the basics.

Intermediate: In our intermediate course we will use a data set for practical everyday applications in Excel. We will take a broader approach on Excel skills. Learn how to utilize the tools you learned in the beginner course to find out how Excel can be a handy tool.

Advanced: In this class we will take the skills we learned above and learn some ways to speed up your processing. These are tips that make using Excel a more comfortable experience and takes you into more real life applications. 



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