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Vice President Amazan to Resign Feb. 4

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Vice President Nathalie Amazan will be stepping down from her role in the Student Government Association effective Feb. 4, 2019.

We thank Vice President Amazan for her service and dedication to the Student Government Association.

A letter from Vice President Amazan regarding the resignation reads:

It is necessary for people to prioritize their happiness and health (mental, physical, and spiritual); and pursue the open doors that will bring fulfillment and joy into their lives, however difficult it may be to do so. This letter is not at all easy for me to write. Effective Monday, February 4th 2019, I will no longer hold the position of Vice President in the Student Government Association.
Winning the election last year was without a doubt one of the proudest moments of my life. It may seem small to some, but to have had my work improving campus culture not only acknowledged but celebrated felt extremely motivating and rewarding. Timmy and I rolled deep to the Student Union building with friends and people from our campaign team late that February night to hear the results. Once we heard we had won we were all screaming and jumping in joy outside of the Student Union to the point where UMPD cars rushed over thinking there was an emergency. I will never forget that night. I cannot thank the 1,600+ students who believed in my and Timmy’s mission for campus life enough.
Fortunately, this is not a good-bye. Yes, I will no longer be fulfilling the role of Vice President, but I will without a doubt continue working on the projects and living out the principles I campaigned on, as that work is an integral part of how I view social change. I will continue to work with the 20+ undergraduate student team, the Restorative Justice Task Force, on our initiative to bring a Restorative Justice Program on campus. I will continue to work on the ways we can build up a racially just campus with the mindset of protecting, loving, and supporting students of color, especially Black students. I will always be a concerned and active student while on this campus and as a global citizen.
If you ever need me for ​literally​ anything, here is my email: ​​. Last, but not least: Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Nathalie E. Amazan
Vice President, Student Government Association

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