The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Fall 2020 ESO Activity

All ESOs

All ESOs are held to local, state, federal and University standards regarding COVID-19.

No ESO should be holding parties in any form.

These guidelines are subject to change in accordance with any new guidance released by the University.
Refer to this page for any possible changes.

Greek Life Involvement

All Greek life should be held to National Standards as well as state, federal, and University standards.
All programming/meetings must be conducted virtually.

Sports Club Involvement

All activity, including practices, must be held virtually during the Fall 2020 semester.


No ESO travel should be taking place during the Fall 2020 semester.


No outside food can be brought to campus or to personal homes for any event using SATF funds.

SGA Involvement

SGA will be holding all virtual programming.
Elections will be fully virtual. All SGA meetings will be virtual on Zoom. The office will not be open throughout the semester and leadership can be reached via email. Senate training, committee meetings, and council meetings must take place via Zoom.

Virtual Programming

All ESO events must be virtual throughout the Fall semester.
If an ESO is rearranging their budget for virtual programming, they must submit a request to the Secretary of Finance.
All ESOs should contact IT for tips on safe and secure Zooms.
All events must be accessible virtually in ways such as:
  • Emails to members
  • Posting links and times on social media
  • Campus Pulse

Budget Restrictions

There will be no ESO spending unless for a virtual event, an activity that will be conducted during the semester, or supplies for that ESO.
For Agencies, spending can also include employment.
All ESOs will fill out a designated form by the SGA Secretary of Finance for approval of spending.

Student Businesses

Student Businesses will not be in operation during the Fall 2020 semester.

Student Employment for Agencies

Agencies will provide the SGA with their plans for remote operations as well as provide lists of their employees and what their remote job description entails.

Mailing Items

No items may be mailed to personal home addresses or the University with exceptions by the SGA Secretary of Finance.
RSOs must pay for all shipping out of their revenue accounts.


Vendors may not come to campus during Fall 2020, but they may be present via Zoom at a virtual event.

Download the PDF

For a reference copy of the above ESO Activity Guidelines, download this PDF:
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