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RSO Racial Justice Reflection:

Prospective RSOs

Learn more about what it takes to start your own organization

Have an idea for a club or organization? You can make it happen! Drive student life on campus and start your own Registered Student Organization (RSO). The RSO application will open at least once per academic year. Historically, the application has opened once per semester. While the timeline is is up to the discretion of the Secretary of the Registry, the application's availability will be announced on SGA social media channels and website.

When you are deciding to begin the process of becoming an RSO, there are a few best practices we recommend:

  • Complete the Preliminary Application.
  • Follow this checklist
  • Have at least 10 undergraduate students who are interested in membership.
  • Ensure that a similar organization does not already exist. If one does, you might consider joining forces. Visit Campus Pulse to check current organizations.
  • Start considering your group's goals, mission, and long term sustainability of your organization.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of becoming an RSO. Is there anything your organization isn't able to accomplish without official RSO status?
  • Meet with SGA leadership working closely with RSOs and discuss how they can help you navigate the process.

Note: Not being an RSO does not preclude your organization from meeting in public spaces. 

Some inactive and frozen RSOs potentially have to undergo the new application process. To determine the next steps for your organization, please contact the Secretary of the Registry.

Applications for RSOs are evaluated in accordance with the SGA by-laws (Title VII, Chapter VII).

Frequently Asked Questions

Pros of RSO

Dedicated advisor from Student Engagement and Leadership

Ability to seamlessly book space on campus

Eligible to apply for a budget from the Student Activities Fund

Officially recognized by UMass as a student group

... and so much more support and resources!

We have a support team who can answer any questions you may have, click their name to email them!

What Does The Secratary of The Registry Do? 


Zachary Bhattacharjee


Secratary of the Registry

Greta Garcia Jalil Melendez - Photograph - SGA Undergraduate Registry Oversight Committee

Greta Garcia Jalil Melendez


Chair of the Undergraduate Registry Oversight Committee

Current RSOs

Learn how the SGA is committed to continual support for your RSO

The Student Government Association is committed to continual support for your RSO. If there's anything that we can do, please do not hesitate to let us know. Whether it is emergency financing, support with funding guidelines, or something else, we strive to make the process seamless.

  • Space Allocations: RSOs have the privilege to book space in the Student Union and Campus Center. Groups without RSO status are ineligible to do so.
  • RSO Lockers: Each RSO may be allocated locker space within the student union with approval from the Secretary of the Registry. Lockers are completely free and of no cost to any RSO utilizing them. To request a locker fill out this form.
  • RSO Budget Process: For funding guidelines, deadlines, resources, and updates about the budget process, visit our landing page for the FY22 RSO Budget Process, which is linked below.
  • Emergency Funding: The SGA allocates funds each year for the purpose of emergency funding meant to ensure an RSO will not have to cancel an event vital to its mission due to unforeseen circumstances. The application may be filled out through Campus Pulse and is linked below.

Student Union

The Student Union renovation is a $62M project that was completed on Fall 2020. It is better equipped to support RSOs and student activities. To learn more, check out our landing page on the renovation and the video below.

Additional RSO Resources

The Business Center

The Business Center helps departments and student groups navigate the university's framework and polices, and provides oversight to ensure fiscal accountability.


The SORC is the one stop stop for Student Organizations' questions and support. They help groups navigate their organizational needs.

RSO Racial Justice Reflection

A Google Form for RSOs to fill out as a reflection on how the RSO will commit to racial justice.

Other Groups

Check out the other Registered Student Organizations on campus. Learn more about their events, how to get in touch, and ways to potentially collaborate.


If you have an unanswered question, please contact us.