Student Resources

The Student Government Association is committed to supporting each and every student at UMass Amherst through the resources we provide.

Virtual Student Veteran Resource Center

The Virtual SVRC serves as a hub for members of the UMass Veteran community, designed to provide services normally offered by SVRC in a virtual setting.

Anti-Racism Resources

The Student Government Association stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.
On the page linked below, you will find categorized national, statewide, and UMass resources.

COVID-19 Resources

SGA Resource List

A collection of resources put together by the SGA for students in need of assistance from the University, government, or local organizations. If you need further assistance relating to something beyond the scope of the list, contact us here.

UMass Mutual Aid Network

Organized by the Massachusetts Society of Professors and CEPA, the UMass Mutual Aid Network aims to provide relief based on the principles of solidarity and mutual aid. Resources available for UMass students, employees, and community members.

Conduct Advising

Conduct Advisors are a team of students who advocate on behalf of students involved in the conduct process. They are trained in all aspects of the Code of Student Conduct and related policies. Conduct Advisors meet with students and ensure their rights are being upheld. This service is FREE for all students at UMass Amherst.

Bike Share

Rent a free bike for the academic year! Open to all UMass Amherst students, faculty and staff, Bikes may be borrowed for the entire year and must be returned in working condition to the Student Government Association. Renters will receive one prepaid tune-up courtesy of the SGA. The tune-ups can be redeemed at UMass Bike Co-op.

iClicker Lending Library

The SGA maintains a free iClicker Lending Library of over 100 iClickers. The polling devices are loaned out at the beginning of each semester and are due at the end of each semester. NOTE: If you are graduating, please consider donating your iClicker to help future students.

Emergency Financing

RSOs that have an active fee account can apply to receive emergency funding from the SGA Finance Committee. This allocation is meant to provide funding that will ensure an RSO will not have to cancel an event vital to their mission due to unforeseen circumstances.

SGA Meeting Minutes

The SGA ensures that everyone has access to the notes and minutes of all general SGA Senate Meetings. These minutes and notes document what we work on and discuss in Senate. We are committed to improving our transparency and by making the SGA more accessible to students. Committee meeting minutes are also are available by request via the Contact Us form.

Past Senate Recordings (before Fall 2021)

Due to impacts of COVID-19, general SGA Senate Meetings were held over Zoom before Fall 2021. These meetings were recorded and are available at the archive linked below.

Advisory Board Notes

The SGA ensures every Faculty Senate Council and Vice-Chancellor Advisory Board has student representatives present and taking notes so that the student body always has a seat at the table. Notes from these meetings are available below.

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