Get Involved in the Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch

Speaker/Associate Speaker

The Speaker is the head of the legislative branch and works closely with the Associate Speaker, President and Vice President for the smooth running of the SGA. The Speaker runs and mediates the weekly senate meetings. Both Speaker and Associate Speaker serve in one year terms, and elected at the end of the Spring semester for the following acadmic year.


Senate Elections

Undergraduates may run for Senate positions that represent their graduation year. Terms are one (1) year. First Year Student elections occur in the Fall semester of every year. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior elections occur in the Spring semester of the prior school year. As a senator, you will be required to attend weekly senate meetings, as well so your committee meeting.


Senate Appointments

When a vacancy arises in the Senate, undergraduate students may apply through SGA’s Outreach and Development Committee (ODC). Openings will be announced on SGA’s home page and Social Media.


Special Assistants

Any undergraduate full time student at UMass can request to become a Special Assistant to one of our Legislative Committees. Special Assistant regularly attend and participate at their committee’s meetings and may sit on Faculty Councils. If interested, email

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