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Conduct Advisors Application Open

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»Applications are due on June 30, 2018

Are you a critical thinker? Do you like to advocate for your peers? Do you want to help explain a sometimes confusing and tricky Code of Student Conduct to those who need it most? Are you thinking about going into law as a career? Do you need a job for the upcoming year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider applying to be a Conduct Advisor by June 30!

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Conduct Advisors Application Open till June 30!

Apply to be a conduct advisor today!

Conduct Advisors (CAs) are students that will be trained in all aspects of the Code of Student Conduct (CSC). The role of the CA is to assist the student in preparing evidence, questions, and statements.
The CA can answer your questions concerning the Conduct procedures on campus and help you to present the best case for yourself at any level of the system.
The CA may also attend the conference and/or hearing upon request. During the Hearing, the CA may not directly address the Hearing Board, Procedural Advisor, or witnesses. The CA may only whisper or pass notes to the advisee. At the hearing, CAs assure that a student’s procedural rights are protected by the Hearing Board, and provide the necessary information to the advisee.
If you have questions, please contact the SGA Attorney General, Ilina Shah, at
Alternatively, you can visit us in Student Union Room 420 
(Second Floor of the Student Union above the Art Gallery)
Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Here are some different ways you can get involved with our SGA:

Executive Branch

President/Vice President

  • Elections for President/Vice President occur in the Spring semester of the prior school year. Check out the SGA elections page for more info! (link)

Cabinet Positions

  • Cabinet members are appointed by the President & Vice President in the Spring semester of the previous school year through an application and interview process. If vacancies occur, any undergraduate can apply. 


  • Each Cabinet member may compile a team of undersecretaries to assist throughout the year. Undersecretaries may be given specific projects and tasks. Most Undersecretary appointments occur in the latter months of the summer prior to the school year. Open Undersecretary positions can be found on SGA’s website (link) and Facebook page (link).

Legislative Branch

Senate Elections

  • Undergraduates may run for Senate positions that represent their graduation year. Terms are 1 year. First Year Student elections occur in the Fall semester of every year. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior elections occur in the Spring semester of the prior school year. Check out the SGA elections page for more info! (link)

Senate Appointments

  • When a vacancy arises in the Senate, undergraduate students may apply through SGA’s Outreach and Development Committee (ODC). Open Senate seats can be found on SGA’s website (link) and Facebook page (link). If interested in applying for an open Senate seat, email

Special Assistants

  • Any undergraduate full time student at UMass can request to become a Special Assistant to one of our Legislative Committees (link to committee page). Special Assistant regularly attend their committee’s meetings, sit on Faculty Councils, and become a member of their committee. If interested, email

For the Latest Position Openings and Opportunities see our News & Update Page or Check Our Facebook Group

Judicial Branch and Other Opportunities

Associate Justices

  • The Judicial Branch of SGA is comprised of 7 Justices. The Chief Justice is appointed in the prior school year. All other justices are reviewed and appointed through an open application in the beginning of each school year. Openings will be posted on the SGA website and Facebook page. For more information or to apply, contact


Other Opportunities

-Conduct Advisors

-Office Staff

-Bike Share Assistants

-RSO Council Positions

-Student Businesses


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