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Legislative Branch

Senate Elections

Undergraduates may run for Senate positions that represent their graduation year. Terms are one (1) year. First Year Student elections occur in the Fall semester of every year. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior elections occur in the Spring semester of the prior school year.


Senate Appointments

When a vacancy arises in the Senate, undergraduate students may apply through SGA’s Outreach and Development Committee (ODC). Openings will be announced on SGA’s home page and Social Media.


Special Assistants

Any undergraduate full time student at UMass can request to become a Special Assistant to one of our Legislative Committees. Special Assistant regularly attend and participate at their committee’s meetings and may sit on Faculty Councils. If interested, email

Executive Branch

President/Vice President

Elections for President/Vice President occur in the Spring semester of the prior school year. Check out the SGA elections page for more info!


Cabinet Members

The President & Vice President appoint cabinet members in the Spring semester of the previous school year through an application and interview process. If vacancies occur, any undergraduate can apply.


Each Cabinet member may compile a team of undersecretaries to assist throughout the year. Undersecretaries may be given specific projects and tasks. Most Undersecretary appointments occur in the latter months of the summer prior to the school year. Open Undersecretary positions can be found on SGA’s New and Updates page and Social Media.

Judicial Branch

Associate Justices

The Judicial Branch of SGA is comprised of 7 Justices. The Chief Justice is appointed in the prior school year. All other justices are reviewed and appointed through an open application in the beginning of each school year. Openings will be posted on the SGA website and Facebook page. For more information or to apply, contact

Additional Roles

Other Opportunities

- Becoming a Conduct Advisor (learn more)
- Being a Bike Share Assistants (learn more)
- Serving as SGA Office Staff
- Serving in RSO Council Positions
- Working in or Launching a Student Business or Agency


The easiest way to get involved? VOTE!

The SGA would not be able to serve the greater UMass community without your help. Learn more about elections on campus, when they happen, and what was last voted on at the SGA Elections page, linked below.


Get in Touch!

Are you interested in getting involved but not sure where to send any questions you may have? Reach out to the team via the Contact Us page and we will direct you to the right people!