Get Involved in the Executive Branch

Executive Branch

President/Vice President

The President is the head of the executive branch and works closely with the Vice President, Speaker and Associate Speaker to ensure the smooth running of the entirety of SGA.


Elections for President/Vice President occur in the Spring semester of the prior school year. Currently elections are closed and will re-open towards the end of the Spring semester.



Cabinet Members

Each cabinet member is responsible for a domain and executes the President's will in their respective domain.

The President & Vice President appoint cabinet members in the Spring semester of the previous school year through an application and interview process. All undergraduate students can apply during that time. If vacancies occur during the school year, applications will go out and students can apply.


Applications for 2024-2025 are now open!


Each Cabinet member may compile a team of undersecretaries to assist throughout the year. Undersecretaries may be given specific projects and tasks.


Most Undersecretary appointments occur in the first few months of the fall semester. Open Undersecretary positions can be found on the announcements page.

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