A big part of our government is voting, it is how we are able to represent the people. Not only does this apply on a national level, but right here in the SGA. We rely on students voting to fill our positions because we serve you. We work to represent your and fight for your causes and issues with administration and make change. Voting is an integral part of that process so please vote!

Elections have ended and the unofficial report is out!

SGA Election Timeline for 2024-2025 Officers


Nomination Period

Wednesday, February 7th (5PM) - Wednesday, February 21st (5PM)

Candidate interest forms will be made available. Upon completion of the interest form, individual nomination forms will be sent out.

Candidates Meeting

Friday, February 23rd,

Saturday, February 24th

Sunday, February 25th


Monday, February 26th - Sunday, March 10th


Monday, March 11th (12AM) - Wednesday, March 13th (11:59PM)

Additionally, it is important to be get involved in our government today and vote. If you have not already registered for voting, you can use the link below to register to vote. This is the basis of Democracy and needs every person to get involved.