Conduct Advisors Program

325A Bartlett Hall | Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. | (413) 545-1272

If you receive a code of conduct charge against you, you are not alone. We're here to help.

Who are we?

Conduct Advisors are a team of students who advocate on behalf of other students involved in the conduct process. We are a subsidiary of the Student Government Association that works to promote shared governance between students and the administration while protecting students' rights. Conduct Advisors are trained to understand the Code of Student Conduct, Residential Life policies, and hearing board procedures. This service is completely FREE.

How can we help?

We attend conduct conferences, hearings and sanction hearings with students. While we do not speak on anyone's behalf, we can advise you throughout the meeting and ensure your rights are being protected. 

We are also a support system that can refer you to additional resources.

Fill out an intake form!

Once you fill out an intake form, we will contact you to meet. During our meetings, we can explain the conduct process, review any documents relating to the case with you, explain possible options and help you come to a decision that works for you. We also help prepare appeals and revise any statements you may want to submit. Our office is also open 9-5, Monday-Friday. You can also call us at (413) 545-1272 or e-mail:

When should you contact us?

Ideally, you should e-mail us or submit an intake form immediately after you receive your notice of charge so you can set up your appointment.


However, you can contact us anytime you need assistance with the conduct process. It doesn't matter if you just received your charge, are seeking to file charges, or are involved with an ongoing case. 


We are here for you.

Conduct Advisers Flyer

Download our flyer and spread the message!

We are here to serve you.

Download our flyer today to spread the message about this free service through the Student Government Association and share it with friends and community members. You never know when someone might need help. Know what resources are available and take advantage of them.

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