The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SGA Supports PVTA’s Efforts to Incorporate Zero Emission Electric Vehicles

PVTA bus

Amherst, MA  — The University of Massachusetts Student Government Association Senate unanimously approved a resolution and letter signed by SGA President Anthony Vitale to the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission encouraging the incorporation of more zero emission electric vehicles into the PVTA fleet.

The PVTA has three electric buses deployed between Springfield and Holyoke.

The Student Government Association believes it to be imperative that zero emission electric buses and other electric vehicles become the future of transportation and that the PVTA strongly support and ultimate transition of the PVTA fleet to zero emission electric buses.

“The largest source of causing greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts comes from the transportation sector.” said Student Government Association Senator Rob Kearns, a Junior studying Environmental Science. “These emissions not only contribute to climate change, but diesel exhaust can also worsen diseases like asthma and cancer. As we transition our electricity sector to clean energy, we can also reduce transportation emissions and clean our air by incorporating more electric vehicles.”

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, The District of Columbia, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont have formed the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). These states are also a part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that use a cap and invest program to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity sector and reinvest in clean energy technologies. During the eight years of RGGI, carbon pollution from power plants has fallen 40%, the program has helped consumers save money, create jobs, increase economic growth, and improve public health. This multi-state approach can help achieve goals to electrify our transportation sector and reinvest in zero emission electric vehicles.

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