Allie McCandless & 

Moksha Padmaraju


President and Vice President

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Allie and Moksha

Candidates for President and Vice President

Allie is a Political Science Major with a concentration in Data Analytics in the Class of 2020. As President, she wants to focus on reducing the bloated UMass budget, providing better career services to students, supporting student groups, and using the SGA as a force for good in the lives of students. Allie’s first action in office would be to get the Student Union project on track. In SGA, Allie is the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, where she leads a group of students to create financial policies and allocate $3,000,000 to student groups. Allie has seen the red tape and restrictions that student groups must deal with to be successful, and the amazing things they bring to campus in spite of those road blocks. Allie believes it’s time for a leadership change, and that she and Moksha bring experience, a new perspective, and work ethic to the SGA. Outside of SGA, Allie is involved with UMass Women into Leadership, has worked as a Security Monitor, and currently works as an Office Assistant in the Student Engagement Business Center. Outside of school and work, Allie loves to cook, watch Netflix, and pet dogs.

Moksha is a double major in Political Science and Economics in the Class of 2020. Moksha is especially passionate about increasing SGA cooperation with RSOs, reducing burdensome costs for students, and improving resources. Within SGA, she is currently the chair of the Undergraduate Registry Oversight Committee, where she reviews new RSO applications and helps ensure that all groups are receiving the resources that they need. Moksha is also involved with Mock Trial, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, UMass Women into Leadership, Her Campus and works as an usher at the Fine Arts Center and a Peer Advisor for SBS. She wants to bring all of her experience and hard work to the table to provide students with the leadership they deserve. Outside of work and school, Moksha enjoys cheering on the UMass Hockey team whenever she can and exploring Western Mass.

Allie and Moksha met on the first day of classes of their freshmen year, and have been a team since day one. Both of them have extensive experience in and out of the SGA, and their time at UMass has been wholly devoted to serving the needs of others. Currently, SGA is not serving the needs of students, and Allie and Moksha want to change that. We believe that it’s time for accountability, responsibility, and getting things done. Advocacy is great, but leaders need to create real change that positively impacts the lives of students. Our platform can be summed up in four points: Bringing the Student Union back on track and under budget, serving student groups, fixing career and academic services, and reducing everyday burdens for students. Read more about us and what we’re trying to do below! 

In 2017, students voted for a 50 million dollar renovation of the Student Union, half of which is directly funded by our fees. Since then, however, the price tag has increased. The UMass website lists it at $55 million, while the Collegian says $62. That's between 2.5-6 million dollars of our money. This whole time, there has been no outreach & no explanation from the current SGA leadership. Their job is to oversee this project and make sure it is affordable and effective. Clearly, that hasn't happened. This is a project that is supposed to serve students, & it needs to be done on time & within the original budget. The status quo of inaction won't stand- we need to stop this from being just another wasteful construction project. It's past time to get this project on track, & make sure we have accountable & fiscally responsible leaders. Allie and Moksha will fight to cut costs and ensure that your money is being spent responsibly.

RSOs need more support and resources from all of the SGA, and Allie and Moksha have the experience needed to change that. They are the only ticket who have extensive experience supporting and serving student groups. The voice of our students is best promoted when we join together, and strengthening student groups will help all of us. Allie is currently the leader of the Ways and Means committee, where she has made the $3 million allocation process more accessible, reliable, and user-friendly, and improved the financial status of student groups. Moksha is the leader of the first committee created to specifically serve the needs of RSOs. They will bring this experience to the P/VP positions, where they will work to cut red tape and change policies to make it easier for student leaders to promote their missions and enact change. 

Allie and Moksha want to work to fix UMass's less-than-stellar career services. Last year's senior survey showed that only 34.7% of students had a job upon graduation. The SGA has the power and influence needed to help improve this, as well as the academic resources provided to students. Both Allie and Moksha are graduating in three years, and haven't been able to find the resources they need at UMass to make sure that they can get internships and jobs lined up. Moksha works as a peer advisor in SBS, and sees firsthand the struggles facing students when trying to get resources. Currently, the executive branch has taken no steps to fix these issues. Allie and Moksha will change this, and appoint a Cabinet member whose sole job will be to improve these services. 

UMass does a lot to encourage a diverse campus population, but once students arrive, they find that services to help them are scarce and a multitude of fees block their paths to success. Moksha and Allie aim to provide more services to students without forcing them to incur extra costs. In the past year, our tuition, fees, and meal plan costs have increased while we’ve seen a decrease in services from CCPH and less hours at the dining halls. Allie and Moksha will hold our administration accountable for bloated campus budgets and sky-high administrative costs and work to bring them down. Both of them have extensive experience working with budgets, finances, and administration, and will bring these skills to the table to better serve students.


"Allie and Moksha will hold our administration accountable for bloated campus budgets and sky-high administrative costs and work to bring them down. Both of them have extensive experience working with budgets, finances, and administration, and will bring these skills to the table to better serve students."

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