UMass School of Earth & Sustainability Faculty Research Collaboration

The School of Earth & Sustainability encompasses 120 faculty and staff across five academic departments and three colleges within the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The diverse expertise of our faculty is ideally suited to the transdisciplinary, systems-thinking approaches required to solve the greatest challenges of our time, from local to global scales.

SES research is most heavily engaged in eight areas of excellence. Each of these is interdisciplinary by nature. It is the strong linkages between these areas that represent truly transdisciplinary and convergent research- deeply integrating the natural and built environments with the human dimensions of sustainability. SES research and our expanding opportunities for graduate learning are strategically aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals and issues of national importance, including renewable energy, impacts of climate change on ecosystems, people, and infrastructure, coastal resilience, soil health and clean water, food security, and urbanization to name a few.

Our Eight Areas of Excellence are:

  1. Biodiversity and Ecology
  2. Built Environment
  3. Clean Energy
  4. Climate and Resiliency
  5. Earth and Ocean
  6. Food systems and security
  7. Society, Community and Culture
  8. Soil and Water

“The world is changing at an accelerating pace. To me, the School of Earth & Sustainability is about providing sound research outcomes that inform our collective future; and to prepare our undergraduate and graduate students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, with a long term view of helping to build a more equitable, healthier, and sustainable planet.”

Rob DeConto, Co-director