Collaboration & What We Bring

Our team is deeply committed to the region.  The design of NCCR is to enhance coordination, collaboration, and co-production.  Foundational knowledge, actionable science, state-of-art tools and guidance, capacity building, regional engagement, and workforce training are some of NCCR’s contributions to the region.

This summer, we disseminated a survey of Massachusetts municipalities and planning agencies. The purpose of this survey was to gather information about the climate change hazards and impacts experienced in municipalities; the resilience strategies adopted to address these challenges; the barriers encountered during the design and implementation of resilience strategies; and the data needs of Massachusetts communities and planning agencies to aid the implementation of resilience strategies. The survey results will help refine the mission of the Northeast Center for Coastal Resilience.

NCCR will take a collaborative approach to co-produce new knowledge and tools.  Working collaboratively with stakeholders will ensure the science and activities effectively assists decision-makers, practitioners, and businesses on the front lines of climate change in Massachusetts. Our team will tailor tools and guidance to support thriving, equitable, and just coastal communities as they navigate an uncertain future.  As we look ahead, we are hoping to work directly with a core team of partners.