Don't sell yourself short - do what you love!  The globalized industrial food system is changing fast.... creative entrepreneurs will thrive in this rapidly changing landscape! You can participate and design a new sustainable and community-based food system.

According to a recent analysis of job opportunities in agriculture, "employers have 57,900 job openings in agriculture and related fields each year. But just 35,400 students graduate annually with a bachelor's degree or higher in ag."  This adds up to opportunity!

Here in the Sustainable Food & Farming program, students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of farming practices, growing and marketing “real” food, farm-based educational systems, food advocacy, community development, sustainability, and public policy.  Students can concentrate on a diverse range of work opportunities from permaculture and organic farming to medicinal herbs to sustainable community food systems.  It is wise to test out your career choice before making a lifetime decision.  You can earn academic credit while doing an internship and learning new practical skills.  We offer two degrees:

We also offer an online degree and certificate.  Click here to learn more about the Sustainable Food & Farming program and various educational offerings.

What You'll Learn

  • Food Production and Marketing

  • Urban & Community Gardens

  • Health and Healing

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Applied Biology

  • Permaculture

  • Agro-Ecology

  • Sustainability

Students create their own pathway to graduation by focusing on one or more areas of study

For more on requirements, classes, internships and careers, see: Sustainable Food and Farming


UMass Sustainable Food and Farming students graduate and find meaningful jobs!


Graduates from the Sustainable Food & Farming program can go many places, depending on their interests and passions:
  • Farming: growing healthy food for local markets
  • Public policy and advocacy
  • Farm and community-based educator
  • Herbalism and health
  • Urban agriculture and community development specialist

Students & Alumni