UMass major in Sustainable Community Development.  Students work with communities and members of the public.

Create a more sustainable world through planning and design.  Sustainable Community Development students love cities and regions, and are committed to making them work for everyone as well as for nature.  Our program draws on a variety of disciplinary fields and seeks built environment and policy solutions that balance equity, economics and environmental considerations.  The curriculum is flexible and interdisciplinary, allowing a student to broadly explore ways of envisioning sustainable communities.

The UMass Sustainable Community Development program offers four areas of concentration:

Sustainable Community Development offers small classes, a rigorous yet flexible curriculum, and concentrations that suit many needs. Students earn their degree in 3 or 4 years, or choose to go on for an accelerated, fifth year masters. 

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UMass Sustainable Community Development majors work with people, children, and diverse populations.


What You'll Learn

Our students learn the theories and techniques of design and planning for creating sustainable communities and conserving the environment.  Their training includes:

  • Public participation theory and practice to build equity
  • Land use and built form for more sustainable cities
  • Local economic development with broad benefits
  • Sustainability theory and practice in cities and regions
  • Reducing the impacts of climate change
UMass Sustainable Community Development majors learn techniques and skills..


Our students are highly qualified for a wide variety of positions, including:
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Community development agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Private firms specializing in site, municipal and regional level work

Students & Alumni