The UMass Plant and Soil Sciences program prepares students to tackle real-world problems from a sustainability perspective by integrating and applying the knowledge they learn from different disciplines. This program includes rigorous training in sciences such as biology and laboratory methods. Students focus their studies in one of two general areas: plant science or general applied biology. They may also choose to focus their advanced coursework in plant science and biotechnology, horticultural sciences, plant pathology, conservation biology, soil science or a related discipline.

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Plant & Soil Sciences undergraduate major

What You'll Learn

Through theoretical and practical training, the Plant and Soil Sciences program prepares students to tackle real-world problems using a sustainability framework and integrating knowledge they learn from different disciplines, and applying professional, hands-on training.

Graduates of the program will:

  • Understand plant biology at the molecular, cellular, organismic, and ecosystemic levels.
  • Knowledge of how plants interact with and contribute to their environment
  • Sustainability principles
  • Acquire scientific quantitative skills
  • Attain scientific literacy
  • Demonstrate skills in communication of scientific data
  • Develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills
UMass SES Plant Soil Science major environment


Many successful graduates work in research or applied careers. Others go on for advanced graduate training for careers in business, the public sector, or academia.
  • Biotechnology and Agricultural Product Development Industry
  • Pest Management
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Businesses
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Public agency scientist or technician
  • Professor or Educator

Students & Alumni