UMass Landscape Architecture undergraduate program

Interested in shaping the world around us?  In the UMass Landscape Architecture program, students are trained to design sustainable landscapes that balance human needs with ecological concerns.  In our courses, we work with clients from state agencies, local communities and non-profit organizations.  It provides students with invaluable hands-on learning, a rich portfolio, and real-world professional experience with design and planning projects at the local, national and international scale.  With a strong design, practice and research focus, the program equips students with a deep understanding of the field as well as the essential skills for a successful and meaningful career.

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What You'll Learn

Some of what our BSLA students learn:

  • Beautiful and effective public space and garden design
  • Ecological function and techniques to support it
  • Plants identification and management
  • Urban agriculture and urban greening
  • Graphic and written communications


UMass SES Landscape Architecture People Built Environment Design


As a professional Landscape Architect, you will examine, imagine, and design landscapes in a variety of settings.
  • Registered landscape architect
  • Landscape industry, including historic preservation, recreation and other public construction
  • Consultant for developers, cities, and international organizations
  • Residential or commercial development

Students & Alumni