Arboriculture & Community Forest Management (AS)
Arboriculture & Community Forest Management students are trained to provide the sustainable care of trees and shrubs.
Building & Construction Technology (BS)
The Building and Construction Technology trains future leaders in the field of sustainable design and construction of the built environment.
Earth Systems (BS)
The Earth Systems Program explores our home planet as a series of interconnected systems to provide a holistic perspective on the Earth.
Environmental Science (BS)
Environmental Science program prepares students with science-based interdisciplinary training needed to address complex environmental problems.
Geography (BA, BS)
Geography integrates social and natural sciences through research and teaching which addresses key environmental and social issues.
Geology (BA, BS)
The Geology program focuses on: 1) finding and developing natural resources, and 2) the study of climate history, earth processes, and solid earth.
Horticultural Sciences (AS, BS)
Horticulture is the science and art of growing flowers, ornamental plants, fruits, and vegetables.
Landscape Architecture (BS)
Landscape Architecture students examine, imagine, and design landscapes in a variety of settings.
Landscape Contracting (AS)
Landscape Contracting is a hands on program where students learn about landscape design, horticulture, and landscape construction/business.
Microbiology (BS)
Environmental microbiologists study the ecology and physiology of microorganisms in natural environments.
Natural Resources Conservation (BS)
Natural Resources Conservation majors work outside in the forests, in the rivers, in the trees, in conservation areas, and in communities.
Plant & Soil Sciences (BS)
Plant and Soil Sciences provides students with an interdisciplinary education that prepares students to work on agricultural or natural ecosystems.
Sustainable Community Development (BS)
Sustainable Community Development students love cities and regions, and are committed to making them work for everyone as well as for nature.
Sustainable Food & Farming (AS, BS)
Sustainable Food & Farming students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of various elements of sustainable food systems.
Turfgrass Science & Management (AS, BS)
Turfgrass Science and Management students have a passion for the outdoors and working on golf courses and other turf surfaces.