Our Team 

Adrian Jordaan, PhD
Adrian is the Director of the Gloucester Marine Station and an Associate Professor of Fish Population Ecology and Conservation in the Department of Environmental Conservation. His research employs quantitative modeling and statistical approaches to understand ecological patterns and life processes in marine, near-shore and freshwater systems. A critical part of this research focus is the engagement of fisheries practitioners and managers towards finding the “sweet spots” where science can advance sustainability and enhance access to resources.


Katherine Kahl, PhD
Katie is an Extension Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation and works out of the Gloucester Marine Station full time. Her role bridges university capacity with sustainable fisheries, coastal resilience and blue economy research needs. Katie’s professional experience includes managing coastal conservation strategies, climate change research and adaptation, local and regional green infrastructure planning and conservation policy.


Brian Cheng, PhD
Brian, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation, is a marine ecologist. His past research spans shellfish production in coastal California, exploring coastal invertebrate population dynamics from Indonesia to Rhode Island with the Smithsonian Institute and prior to joining UMass faculty, working at Shoals Marine Lab.


Lisa Komoroske, PhD
Lisa is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation focusing on molecular and conservation ecology. She uses genomic and physiological tools to understand how marine organisms function and are shaped by natural and human-altered environments. Her work has included understanding the impacts of global change on sensitive coastal fish populations, anthropogenic impacts and sublethal stress on marine turtles and partnering with K12 educators to broaden inquiry-based learning in STEM education. 
UMass Molecular Ecolcogy and Conservation Website


Jynessa Dutka-Gianelli, PhD
Jynessa is a research scientist in the Department of Environmental Conservation, based full-time at the Gloucester Marine Station. She works with fishing industry partners using participatory research in place-based fisheries management and governance processes; evaluation of the management strategies and impacts on fisheries and livelihoods; and initiatives to enhance resources conservation, community livelihoods, and resilience. Her previous work includes coastal fisheries research in Florida and small-scale fisheries in the Brazilian Amazon.