The Northeast Center for Coastal Resilience (NCCR) will serve as a regional knowledge hub to provide actionable coastal science, inform policy and local decision making, support sustainable blue economy development, and facilitate strategic regional collaborations.

Institutional Partners


Our mission is to “advance actionable coastal science, inform policy and decision making, and support Blue Economy development” in coastal New England and beyond.

Why It Matters

There is an urgent need for regional collaboration to better understand the risks and impacts of climate change as well as the promising opportunities for the blue economy, adaptive planning, and coastal resilience.  Climate change impacts on the Northeast will be most acute at the coast. New England is experiencing faster rates of atmospheric warming, coastal waters warming, and sea-level rise, creating a compound effect.  Here in Massachusetts, communities are increasingly impacted by rising waters, flooding, extreme storms, and erosion. These rapidly changing natural systems are intimately connected to people and society, requiring a holistic, systems-based approach to research, planning, development, training, and engagement with sustainable practices to enhance co-production, adaptation, and resilience.

Our Team

NCCR is a proud partnership with UMass Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell campuses.  Leveraging world-class scientists and scholars from across the Commonwealth’s public universities, the Center aims to be a catalyst, accelerating resilience, adaptation planning, and a just blue economy in New England. NCCR’s research team includes over 60 faculty with expertise ranging from physical sciences to engineering, technology, socio-economic and behavioral sciences, and stakeholder engagement.  Servicing as a hub, the NCCR team is also actively developing collaborative partnerships with municipalities, planning agencies, public agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and other local stakeholders.  Each campus brings important collaborating units to the NCCR partnership: UMass Amherst’s School of Earth & Sustainability and Gloucester Marine Station, UMass Boston’s Stone Living Lab and Nantucket Field Station, UMass Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science & Technology, and UMass Lowell’s Rist Institute for Sustainability & Energy.

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Regional Partners & Stakeholders

 Our NCCR team is actively seeking partnerships with leaders, communities, and stakeholders involved with adaptation, regional planning, climate resilience, management, and the blue economy.  Northeast Center for Coastal Resilience Partners will play an active and influential advisory role in the NCCR. In cooperation with Partners, NCCR aims to develop dynamic and mutually beneficial coastal resilience collaborations.