Our goal, over the next 10 years, is to build and implement a sustainable and resilient blue economy ecosystem on the North Shore; a connected, integrated, and sustainable approach to regional economic development that builds upon our strengths.

The North Shore has a longstanding connection to the blue economy, including fishing, marine and life sciences, tourism, and technology. However, it lacks a comprehensive, regional and resilient economic development strategy that builds on these strengths and positions the region to capitalize on new and emerging opportunities in the Blue Economy.

Communities that rely on coastal and marine assets and resources for their livelihoods and jobs rely on their Blue Economy. A sustainable blue economy generates economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while at the same time fostering ocean ecosystem health. The North Shore’s history, livelihoods, and culture are built around the quality of life, beauty, food and access that the ocean provides.

Phase 1 Research & Partners

In order to develop a regional blue economic development strategy, local leaders need to better understand their competitive position in the sectors that make up our regional Blue Economy. Phase I of our North Shore Blue Economy initiative set out to do just that.  Through an economic assessment partnership with the Public Policy Center at UMass Dartmouth, and the enthusiastic support of regional leaders including the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, City of Gloucester, Gloucester Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, and the Essex County Community Foundation. Other supporters include the North Shore Technology Council and North Shore InnoVentures, we have spoken with hundreds of stakeholders and taken a pioneering approach to understand our regional blue economy strength sectors.

The complex challenges our coastal communities are facing will require a novel mix of business and research expertise that engage communities and industry leaders on economic, ecological, and social well-being issues. These challenges present economic opportunities that can transform the region’s economy by developing new, cross-sector approaches to sustainably generate economic value from the ocean.

Look for our Phase I Report of findings and vision forward into Phase II in 2021. We look forward to building and broadening a diverse North Shore Blue Economy Partnership as this initiative advances.

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