Gloucester Marine Station

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Gloucester Marine Station is working with a range of partners to advance community resilience, sustainable fisheries and discover blue economy opportunities on the North Shore with far-reaching applications in Massachusetts, New England and beyond.

In January 2018 we began a process to re-envision what the Gloucester Marine Station should be for the North Shore, for the university, and as a partner to other coastal and marine ecological and industry interests. Progress includes:

  • Hiring three new staff members to grow and diversify our research program, course offerings and technical capabilities. We are leveraging existing capacity from UMass and other research institutions as we grow our program.
  • Engaging in strategic planning process with internal and external partners, and thought leaders from fisheries, coastal, seafood, marine tech and business sectors. 
  • Updating Marine Station infrastructure to better serve researchers, students and partners.

Near-Term Goals

1. Identify critical research and engagement needs around coastal resilience, sustainable fisheries and blue economy on the North Shore that can be scaled up and applied in broader geographies.
2. Bridge UMass research capacity with coastal and marine needs to speed advancement toward regional solutions.
3. Develop a regional hub for coastal and marine collaboration to amplify research partnerships.
4. Expand opportunities for students through cutting-edge teaching and research including multidisciplinary field and technical experience.

In The News


Katherine J. Kahl, PhD
Extension Assistant Professor
office: (978)856-3472



Adrian Jordaan, PhD
Director, Gloucester Marine Research Station
Assistant Professor of Fish Population Ecology and Conservation
office: (413)545-2758


Gloucester Marine Station          
932 Washington Street
PO Box 6013
Gloucester, MA 01930