Monday, March 9, 2020 - 4:00pm

"Making a Difference" an SES Exhibit

Wednesday, March 9, 2020 | 4:00 - 6:00 PM | Integrated Sciences Building

The School of Earth & Sustainability (SES) is hosting an exhibit, “Making a Difference” in the Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) gallery located on the first-floor Atrium at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The Exhibit Opening will include brief presentations from each of the highlighted projects in the exhibit followed by a reception in the ISB Atrium with light refreshments.


Part 1: Presentations (ISB 221)

4:00 – Welcome & Overview (Curt Griffin)
4:10 – Contributor Presentations: Each contributor will provide a high-level overview of their featured project. 8 presentations in total, 6 minutes for each.

  • Jim Holden, Professor and Department Head, Microbiology
  • Dwayne Breger, Director, UMass Clean Energy Extension
  • Rob DeConto, SES Co-Director and Geosciences Professor
  • Elizabeth Brabec, Professor, LARP and Director, UMass Center for Heritage and Society
  • Toni Lyn Morelli, USGS Research Ecologist, Northeast Climate Science Center and Adjunct Associate Professor, Environmental Conservation
  • Marco Keiluweit, Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  • Rachel Berggren, MS Sustainability Science graduate student
  • Peggi Clouston, Professor, Building and Construction Technology Program


Part 2: Reception (ISB First-Floor Atrium)

5:10 – Gallery Welcome (Dean Serio)
5:20 – SES Exhibit Introduction (Rob DeConto)
5:30 – Reception


“Making a Difference” was curated to celebrate the diversity of SES research projects that make an impact on the global and local scale. The exhibit highlights eight projects that are fostering excellence through one of SES’ eight Areas of Excellence: Climate & Resiliency, Biodiversity & Ecology, Food Systems & Security, Soil & Water, Earth & Ocean, Society, Community & Culture, Built Environment, and Clean Energy. The projects represent the diversity and collaboration of departments, faculty, and staff that are members of SES.  The exhibit will run through 2021 in the ISB gallery.

The School of Earth & Sustainability, the sponsor of the exhibit, boasts 100+ world-class faculty and staff as well as 1,300 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students who are working to better their community by pursuing an education at the University of Amherst. These students are pursuing a path in one of 20 undergraduate majors or 12 graduate programs.

To learn more about "Making a Difference" click here.