You can minor in a number of SES undergraduate programs.   Contact the program advisor for details on how to declare a minor. Students will need to complete a Declaration of an Academic Minor form.


SES offers some exciting certificate programs that provide valuable credentials that help distinguish our students, making them highly competitive and successful on the job market.

Elisabeth Hamin, Program Advisor, emhamin@umass.edu

This 5-course Graduate Certificate provides students with a credential showing that they have unique skills in one of the most pressing topic areas in policy today. The program brings together the knowledge of the need for more resilient communities, and the skills to address it through the built form and social structure.

Cindy Bright, Program Coordinator, marinesci@fivecolleges.edu

This is a 18-credit Five Colleges program that is supported in partnership by SES faculty.  The interdisciplinary curriculum includes coursework, field/lab experience, and a marine-related research project.

​Elizabeth Brabec, Cerificate Coordinator, ebrabec@larp.umass.edu

This 15-credit program is a significant category of cultural resources, demanding specific theory, training, and practice for successful conservation and management. Cultural landscape management draws on a body of knowledge and skills developed in the fields of landscape architecture, planning, heritage conservation, historic preservation, public history, and anthropology

Qian Yu, Program Advisor, qyu@geo.umass.edu

This is a 17-credit program that provides essential credentials  in the field of geospatial technologies (Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, and computer mapping  for undergraduate and nondegree students.

Paul Barten, SES faculty advisor, pkbarten@eco.umass.edu

This 18-credit certificate program provides an official designation added to your transcript. Students learn about Native American history, culture, and life ways through a 6-course, thematic curriculum.  With this certificate, graduating students have a competitive edge in career opportunities with government agencies (e.g., the National Park Service), environmental education and experiential learning centers or institutes, or non-governmental agencies with broad conservation, sustainability and social justice goals.  This program also offers a rich and diverse community for students passionate about Native and Indigenous peoples and cultures.

UMass Amherst students also have the option of completing the Five College version of the NAIS Certificate.  Click here to learn about the Five College program.

Charlie Schweik, SES faculty advisor, cschweik@pubpol.umass.edu

This 8-course certificate program where students customize the course sequence and policy focus to their career interests.  The certificate equips students with the necessary training for careers in government, public services, consulting and nonprofits in the U.S. and abroad.  Students are also well positioned to pursue graduate education in a policy-related field.

John Gerber, Professor and Program Coordinator, jgerber@umass.edu

This is a 15-credit online certificate program offered through Stockbridge School of Agriculture, one of the nation’s top-rated agriculture schools in the country.