Many of our SES faculty provide formal outreach and extension services to the Commonwealth either as UMass Extension faculty in the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment or appointed state positions.  Our programs are enriched by faculty engagement in communities, cities, farms, and resource areas throughout the Commonwealth.  Their connection to real-world projects brings a deeper meaning to the hands-on learning and courses these faculty provide to students. 

Department of Environmental Conservation

  • Dwayne Breger, Director of UMass Clean Energy Extension and Extension Professor, 209 Agricultural Engineering Building, (413) 545-8512,
  • Paul Catanzaro, Extension Assistant Professor, Forestry, 327 Holdsworth, (413) 545-4839,
  • Rick Harper, Extension Assistant Professor, Community Forestry & Urban Landscaping, 315 Paige, (413) 545-3747,
  • Scott Jackson, Extension Associate Professor, Environmental Conservation, 328 Holdsworth Hall 413-545-4743,
  • Katie Kahl, Extension Assistant Professor, UMass Gloucester Marine Station, 932 Washington Street, Gloucester MA 01930, (978)865-3472,
  • Ben Weil, Extension Assistant Professor, Building and Construction Technology, 321 Design Building, 413-545-1820,

Department of Geosciences

  • William Clement, Extension Associate Professor, Dept of Geosciences, 269 Morrill Science Center, (413) 545-5910,
  • Christine Hatch, Extension Assistant Professor, Dept of Geosciences, 240 Morrill Science Center, (413) 577-2245,
  • Steve Mabee, Massachusetts State Geologist and Director of the Massachusetts Geological Survey, (413) 545-4814,
  • Michael Rawlins, Extension Assistant Professor and Manager, Climate System Research Center, Dept of Geosciences, 134 Morrill Science Center, (413) 545-0659,

Department of Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning

  • Michael Di Pasquale, AIA, AICP, Extension Assistant Professor of Regional Planning, 236 Design Building, (413) 545-2188,

Stockbridge School of Agriculture

  • Mandy Bayer, Extension Assistant Professor, 210 Bowditch Hall,
  • Carolyn Demoranville, Extension Associate Professor, Cranberry Station, (508) 295-2212 x25,
  • Masoud Hashemi, Extension Professor, 207 Bowditch Hall, (413) 545-1843,
  • Peter Jeranyama, Extension Assistant Professor, Cranberry Station, (508) 295-2212 x29,
  • Frank Mangan, Extension Professor, 416 Paige Laboratory, (413) 545-1178,
  • Hilary Sandler, Director of UMass Cranberry Station and Extension Associate Professor, (508) 295-2212 x21,