School of Earth & Sustainability

Established in Spring 2016, the UMass School of Earth & Sustainability (SES) is a transdisciplinary partnership between the Departments of Environmental Conservation, Geosciences, Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning and Stockbridge School of Agriculture as well as the Environmental Microbiology group from the Department of Microbiology.  SES joins diverse academic programs, research, and outreach that share a common focus on sustainability in the natural and built environments.  Together, our community includes over 100 world-class faculty, 1300 undergraduate students, 320 graduate students as well as many research scientists, technicians and support staff.

SES Departments

     Department of Geosciences at UMass Amherst, School of Earth and Sustainability      Department of Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning, Department of Geosciences at UMass Amherst, School of Earth and Sustainability, University of Massachusetts     Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, School of Earth and Sustainability, University of MassachusettsDepartment of Environmental Conservation logo

SES Colleges

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Collaborative Programs & Partners

The UMass School of Earth & Sustainability partners with leaders from across campus and throughout the region to advance new ideas, foster collaborations, and address real-world issues at home and abroad.  Within SES, we value student leadership and strive to create a supportive environment that promotes initiatives put forth by our undergraduate and graduate students.  Examples of our partnerships and programs include:

  • Art, Science, & Activism. Following the successful interdisciplinary collaboration in tandem with Philip Glass’s fall 2019 Fine Arts Center engagement, the Fine Arts Center, School of Earth & Sustainability and MFA for Poets & Writers have continued their partnership. The Art, Science, & Activism partnership engages the campus community in reducing environmental impact and enriching the student experience Watch the 2021 featured event; Transforming Crisis: Climate Crisis & Response Discussion here.
  • BRiDGE Scholars Program.  Based in the School of Earth and Sustainability, BRiDGE is a student-led initiative originally supported by a Campus Climate Improvement Grant. It’s now funded by SES and its five departments. The BRiDGE Scholars Program aims to increase the representation and visibility of early-career scientists from underrepresented backgrounds making a difference in their respective fields. Find out more about BRiDGE via their website.
  • UMass Sustainability Curriculum Fellowship.  SES serves on the leadership team for this unique faculty fellows program.  Each year, 10 faculty members are selected to take part in the year-long fellowship program, which aims to cultivate teaching excellence in sustainability.  More than fifty UMass faculty members have participated in the SCF Program.  Each teaches at least one course that addresses sustainability and incorporates one or more sustainability learning outcomes.  Learn more about SCF here.
  • Massachusetts Envirothon.  Working with state agencies and high schools across the Commonwealth, SES supports this exciting high school program by hosting a day-long engagement event between students, environmental professionals, faculty, and agency staff.   For nearly thirty years, Envirothon has provided high school students with this unique hands-on, team-oriented problem solving and community involvement experience that prepares young people for environmental careers and active citizenship.  Learn more.
  • Paperbark Literary Magazine.  SES serves as the home for Paperbark, an interdisciplinary magazine of creativity and sustainability founded by graduate students, faculty, and staff from within the UMass School of Earth & Sustainability as well as across campus.  Supported by SES in partnership with the UMass Libraries and the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Paperbark aims to showcase the best sustainability work happening on campus and in the Pioneer Valley, working to support the local community around sustainability while also drawing connections to the global context. For more information and to submit your work, visit the Paperbark website.

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The School of Earth & Sustainability provides invaluable services, training, and expertise to our campus and the Commonwealth.  To gain a deeper understanding of how our partnership is making a difference to our students, faculty, the University of Massachusetts, and beyond, read more here.