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Week of Sunday, February 11, 2007 (23 Shevat 5767)


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1. Call for Papers: _Journal of Jewish Identities_ (Balbuena)

2. Call for Research Proposals: International Institute for Jewish Genealogy (Lamdan)

3. Schlesinger Library Summer Seminar on Gender History (Smith)

4. Panel: “Sephardic Music on Record: A Century of Commercial Ladino Recordings” (Genova)


1. Call for Papers: _Journal of Jewish Identities_(Balbuena)

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 23:50:09 -0800

From: Monique Balbuena <balbuena(at)uoregon(dot)edu>

Call for Papers: _Journal of Jewish Identities_

 The _Journal of Jewish Identities_, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed forum for contesting ideas and debates concerning the formations of, and transformations in, Jewish identities is seeking submissions for its upcoming issues. The aim of this journal is to encourage the development of theory and practice in a wider spread of disciplinary approaches; to promote conceptual innovation and to provide a venue for the entry of new perspectives. Submissions are invited from all fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences and from the full range of methodologies. Diverse theoretical and philosophical approaches, interdisciplinary research studies, as well as instructive case studies are particularly welcome. The Journal publishes empirical and theoretical articles, documents, an occasional debate section, as well as review essays and book reviews. The _Journal of Jewish Identities_ is published annually.

 For more information (including submission guidelines), please see the journal’s website at: or contact the editors directly at editors(at)jewishidentities(dot)org.

Monique Balbuena


2. Call for Research Proposals: International Institute for Jewish Genealogy (Lamdan)

From: Neville Lamdan <nlamdan(at)netvision(dot)net(dot)il>

Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 13:26:00 +0200

The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy was formally opened a year ago at the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem. Our "Mission Statement" is attached and our website is at

 We held a major International Symposium in Jerusalem last fall to discuss priorities for Jewish genealogical research and teaching. In the light of the deliberations, we have just posted on the website a list of 20 topic areas, in which we would invite serious research proposals. Projects can be for one or two years and the Institute is prepared to provide funding of up to (up to!!) $10,000 for successful proposals. To find the list and other relevant information, please go to the website and click on: Projects/Upcoming Projects/section 2: "Call for Projects"/with active links at foot of the section. The closing date for submitting proposals in this cycle is April 15, 2007.

  We would hope that the "Call for Proposals" will be of interest to qualified members of the AJS Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus.


The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy is committed to developing Jewish genealogy into a recognized academic discipline, within the realm of Jewish Studies and in association with a broad range of other sciences on an inter-disciplinary basis.

It seeks to do this by conducting scholarly research into all aspects of Jewish genealogy, both independently and collaboratively with other institutions, as well as by promoting the teaching of Jewish genealogy at university level.

In so doing, the Institute aspires to enrich and advance the work of individual family historians and, at the same time, make a meaningful contribution to the future of the Jewish People by nurturing and enhancing its roots.


Dr. Neville Y. Lamdan, D.Phil,


International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center, Jerusalem.

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3. Schlesinger Library Summer Seminar on Gender History (Smith)

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 10:15:19 -0500

From:  Radcliffe Summer Program <dsmith(at)radcliffe(dot)edu>

via: "Susan E. Shapiro" <shapiro(at)judnea(dot)umass(dot)edu>

 Schlesinger Library Summer Seminar on Gender History

 Writing Past Lives: Biography as History

 June 24 - 29, 2007

 Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

 Cambridge, Massachusetts

 The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America invites applications to its first Summer Seminar on Gender History.  With the theme "Writing Past Lives: Biography as History," the seminar aims to examine how a focus on individual lives can further historical analysis.  The weeklong seminar will offer a concentrated series of plenary lectures and panel discussions by outstanding historians, as well as small-group workshops in which full seminar participants will present their own research and writing for evaluation and criticism.  

 The speakers in the plenary sessions will include: Joyce E. Chaplin, Harvard University, Linda Colley, Princeton University, Lori D. Ginzberg, Pennsylvania State University, Linda Gordon BI '84, New York University, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall RI '04, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Nancy A. Hewitt, Rutgers University, Jean M. Humez, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Alice Kessler-Harris RI '02, Columbia University, Megan Marshall RI '07, Independent Writer, Mae M. Ngai RI '04, Columbia University, Vicki L. Ruiz, University of California at Irvine, and Jean Strouse '67, New York Public Library.

 Participants have a choice between two paths:

 Full Seminar

 Full seminar participants will attend morning plenary sessions featuring panels of distinguished historians who will speak on their current biographical work and engage with responses from participants.  Participants will be free from 1 to 5 pm each day, and then from 5 to 8 pm will meet for intensive discussion of their own and others' work in small workshop groups led by Nancy F. Cott, the Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Director of the Schlesinger Library and the Jonathan Trumbull Professor of American History at Harvard University, and independent scholars Megan Marshall and Susan Ware.  Advanced graduate students as well as more established scholars and writers in US history and gender studies are invited to apply. The cost will be $295 without lodging or $650 with lodging.  A limited amount of financial aid is available.  Application deadline: March 15, 2007

 Plenary Sessions Only

 Plenary sessions will be open to the public from 9 to 11:30 each weekday morning (June 25 -29).  Interested students, faculty, alumnae/i, and members of the public are invited to hear leading historians as they reflect on the making of history through biography.  Registration for the plenary sessions is required; the cost will be $95 for all five mornings.  Registration deadline: June 1, 2007

 For complete details and application/registration forms, please click here or call 617-495-8600.

 The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University is a scholarly community where individuals pursue advanced work across a wide range of academic disciplines, professions, and creative arts.  Within this broad purpose, the Institute sustains a continuing commitment to the study of women, gender, and society.  

D. Smith


4. Panel: “Sephardic Music on Record: A Century of Commercial Ladino Recordings” (Genova)

From: G. Genova info(at)jewishmusicforum(dot)org

via: shapiro(at)judnea(dot)umass(dot)edu

Date: February 1, 2007

Edwin Seroussi and Josel Bresler, “Sephardic Music on Record: A Century of Commercial Ladino Recordings”

Center for Jewish History

15 W. 16th St., NYC

Friday, February 16, 2007


With the generous support of the American Jewish Historical Society, the American Society for Jewish Music welcomes you to the Jewish Music Forum lecture series. This month, we will experience the unveiling of a significant new development in Sephardic music research for the international community:

"Sephardic Music on Record: A Century of Commercial Ladino Recordings"

Presented by:

Edwin Seroussi, professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Joel Bresler, principal researcher and discographer. Respondent: Virginia Danielson, Harvard University. Co-sponsor: American Sephardi Federation.

In brief:

Edwin Seroussi and Joel Bresler reveal a new, innovative, web-based encyclopedic resource--a Sephardic Music Catalogue that will list all known commercial recordings containing Ladino songs. The project launch coincides with the 100th anniversary of commercial Sephardic recording. The discussion will include a survey of commercial recordings of Sephardic music, with a particular emphasis on the first half of the 20th century. It will also cover recording technology's impact on the perception, reception and canonization of Ladino songs in recent decades, illustrated with rare early recordings.

Distinguished panel:

Dr. Edwin Seroussi is the Emanuel Alexandre Professor of Musicology, Director of the Jewish Music Research Centre and chair of the Department of Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Joel Bresler is a Harvard MBA and has been collecting and researching Sephardic music on commercial recordings for 30 years. Dr. Virginia Danielson is the Richard F. French Librarian of the Loeb Music Library at Harvard University, and a noted expert on Middle Eastern music.

About the Jewish Music Forum:

The Forum is a colloquium in which invited lecturers present original research in a flexible format that is followed by response and open discussion. With the support of the American Jewish Historical Society, the Jewish Music Forum, a project of the American Society for Jewish Music, launched its new series at the Center for Jewish History in the spring of 2005. The Jewish Music Forum is devoted to the study of Jewish music in all of its historical and contemporary diversity.

This event is free and open to the public.

Please join us Friday, Feb. 16th--with all best wishes,

G. Genova

Jewish Music Forum

email: info(at)jewishmusicforum(dot)org



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