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Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List - Week of October 23, 2005

Association for Jewish Studies Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List

Editor/Moderator: Aviva Ben-Ur <aben-ur(at)>

Week of Sunday, October 23, 2005 (20 Tishrei 5766)


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1. Conference: Judeo-Spanish (Ladino)-Sephardic culture and tradition: present, past and future (Zanardo)

2. New Publication: *Sefer HaQabbalah: The Book of Tradition* by Abraham ibn Daud (Craddock)

3. Call for Articles: The Cultural Politics of the Middle East in the Americas (Alsultany)

4. Stanford University -- The Mediterranean Studies Forum and the Sephardic Studies Project (Rodrigue)

5. Jewish Latino Film Series-Boston Latino Film Festival (Roses)

6. Brandeis University Summer Institute for Israel Studies (Hoffman)

7. Assistant Professorship: Michigan State University (DeRogatis)

8. Assistant Professorship: Israel Studies at the University of Florida (Kugelmass)

9. Assistant Professorship in Pre-Modern Jewish Studies at Florida Atlantic University (Greenspahn)

10. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Fellowship Committee)

11. 37th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies (Horowitz and Sheramy)

12. Query: Sephardic Study Programs Abroad (Adler)


1. Conference: Judeo-Spanish (Ladino)-Sephardic culture and tradition: present, past and future (Zanardo)

Date: Mon., 10 Oct 2005

From: Andrea Zanardo <andrea.zanardo(at)>

Conference - Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) - Sephardic culture and tradition: present, past and future

6-7 November 2005 Palazzo Granducale - piazza Municipio 4 - Livorno

 info: Gabriella Paggi

 Livorno Jewish Community Secretary

 Tel and Fax ++39/0/586/896290

 E mail comunitaebraica.livorno(at)


Languages of the Conference are Italian, Ladino and English

 FIRST DAY Sunday November 6th 2005

 10.30 - 11.30

 Official Opening of Conference

 Inauguration by the Authorities

 First session: 11.30 - 12.45

 President: Prof. David Cassuto, Architecture School of Ariel Academy, Jerusalem

 Prof. Ariel Toaff, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan

 Sephardic Jews history from an unusual point of view: the culture of cooking

 Prof. David Bunis, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

 Judeo-Spanish (Ladino)

 13.00 Luncheon at the Jewish Community of Livorno

 Second Session: 15.00 - 17.00

 President: Dov Hacohen, Ben-Tzvi Institute, Jerusalem

 Prof. Maria Mayer Modena, State University, Milan, Italy


 Dr. Gabriele Bedarida, Livorno Community

 Judeo-Livornese (Bagitto)

 Prof. Yaakov Bentolila, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva

 Judeo-Spanish-Moroccan (Hakitia)

 17.00 - 17.15 Coffee Break

 Third Session: 17.15 - 19.00

 President: Rav Prof. Giuseppe Laras, Milan

 Yitzhak Navon, Fifth President of the State of Israel

 Features of Sephardic Judaism

Prof. Haham Isaac Jerusalmi, Director of Jewish Studies Institute, Cincinnati

The figures of Rav Isaac Luria (Haarì) and Haim Vital and their contact with Ladino

 19.00 - 19.30 Coffee Break

 Fourth Session: 19.30 - 20.00

 President: Prof. Michele Luzzati, University of Pisa

Prof. Arthur Kiron, Schottenstein-Jesselson Curator for Jewish Studies, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The Belforte Publishing House and the art of Ladino printing

 Dov Hacohen, Ben Tzvì Institute, Jerusalem

Four hundred years' Ladino press in Italy

 20.00 - 21.00 Salutations of

 Yitzhak Navon, Conference President

 Shmuel Zarrugh, President of Jewish Community of Livorno

 Dinner at the Jewish Community of Livorno

 SECOND DAY Monday November 7th 2005

 Fifth Session: 9.30 - 11.00

 President: Prof. Yaakov Bentolila, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva

 Prof. Alisa Ginio-Meyuhas, Tel-Aviv University

 The Meam Loèz, history and structure

 Matilde Cohen Sarano, Writer, Jerusalem

 The Judeo-Spanish popular tale and its link to the Meam Loèz

 11.00 - 11.15 Coffee Break

 Sixth Session: 11.15 - 13.00

 President: Moshe Shaul, Vice President, National Authority for Ladino, Jerusalem

 Ladino in the Press, Radio and Internet.

 Talks by

 Alegra Amado Ben-Itzhak, Kol Israel, Judeo-Spanish Section, Jerusalem

 Matilde Gini de Barnatan, Radio Exterior de España, Madrid.

 Jean Carasso, La Lettre Sépharade, Paris

 Klara Perahya, Shalom Newspaper, Istanbul

 Moïse Rahmani, Los Muestros, Brussels, Belgium

 Judith Roumani, Washington

 13.30 Luncheon at the Jewish Community of Livorno

 Seventh session: 14.30- 15.30

 President: Shmuel Zarrugh, President of Jewish Community of Livorno, Italy

 Prof. Michele Luzzati, University of Pisa, Italy

 Jews of Pisa and Livorno

 Prof. Arch. David Cassuto, Architecture School of Ariel Academy, Israel

 Baté Haknesset (Synagogues) of the Ladino world in Italy

 16.00 Organised trip to the Jewish sites of Pisa organized by the Jewish Community of Pisa

 Departure from Piazza Benamozegh, 1 (beside the Synagogue)

 20.00 Dinner in Livorno at Teatro Goldoni (Caserma Rimediotti)

 Closing Session

 21.00 - 22.00 Goldonetta Auditorium

 Aharon Cohen, Conference Coordinator

 Guido Guastalla, Conference President

 21.00 Chorus E. Ventura of the Jewish Community of Livorno

 Sephardi Livornese Chants and Hatikvà in Ladino

 Chants in Ladino with commentary

 Daniele Bedarida, Livorno

 Miriam Meghnagi, Rome


2. New Publication: *Sefer HaQabbalah: The Book of Tradition* by Abraham ibn Daud (Craddock)

Date: Wed., 12 Oct 2005

From: Ludo Craddock <ludo(at)>


I am writing to let you know that we published the paperback edition of *Sefer HaQabbalah: The Book of Tradition* by Abraham ibn Daud on 29 September 2005.  Brief information is given below; full information can be found on the Littman website at

To order copies, please contact your usual supplier or the address given at the end of this message.

 Thank you.

 Ludo Craddock

 Chief Executive Officer

 The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

 P.O. Box 645, Oxford OX2 0UJ, UK

 main telephone/fax   +44 (0)1865 514688

 direct telephone  +44 (0)1865 722964

 e-mail   ludo(at)


 *Sefer haQabbalah: The Book of Tradition*


 A Critical Editon with a Translation and Notes by GERSON D. COHEN

 The glorious history of the Jews of Andalusian Spain came to an abrupt end in 1147-48 with the Almohade invasion and upheaval. Many old and renowned Jewish communities, among them Córdoba, Granada, Seville, and Lucena, were wiped out. Thousands of Jews fled north to Christian Spain where they found a new home and sought to revive the rich communal life they and their ancestors had enjoyed for centuries. Some thirteen years after the calamity and now based in Toledo, Abraham ibn Daud wrote a historical epitaph to the golden age that had produced such courtiers, rabbis, and poets as Hisdai ibn Sharput, Samuel the Nagid, Isaac al-Fasi, and Judah ha-Levi.

 While Ibn Daud has gained distinction as the first Jewish Aristotelian on the Iberian peninsula, he is no less famous as the first chronicler of Andalusian Jewry. Part of a historical trilogy, *Sefer ha-Qabbalah* (The Book of Tradition) is formally structured as a history of the Jews and Judaism from ancient times to 1161. Writing in an age of deep communal anguish, Ibn Daud lent his support to the efforts to revive the historic community of Spain by attempting to prove that the only legitimate form of Jewish life and the only rightful spokesman of that tradition were rabbinism and the rabbinic leadership. The avowed stimulus for this motivation was the threat posed by the small sectarian Jewish community of Karaites, who had long since found a home in Christian Spain and had succeeded in gaining considerable influence there. Ibn Daud’s work is thus a basic introduction to the way of life, tensions, and achievements of the rabbinic civilization that flowered under the protection and stimulus of Muslim domination.

 Gerson D. Cohen’s edition of this historical classic, first published in 1967, provides a critical text of the original along with translation, commentary, and analysis.

 The late Gerson D. Cohen was Professor of History at Columbia University. Educated at the City College of New York, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and Columbia University, he was formerly Librarian, and Assistant Professor of Jewish Literature and Institutions, at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He died in 1991.

 504 pages, paperback

 1-904113-31-1   £19.95 / $29.95


3. Call for Articles: The Cultural Politics of the Middle East in the Americas (Alsultany)

Date: Wed., 19 Oct 2005 14:45:35 -0400

From: alsultan(at)UMICH.EDU

via: jmcclyme <jmcclyme(at)ASSUMPTION.EDU>



 The Cultural Politics of the Middle East in the Americas

 (Forthcoming from the University of Michigan Press)


 Evelyn Alsultany, University of Michigan, alsultan(at)

 Ella Shohat, New York University, ella.shohat(at)

 We are looking for essays for an edited book volume on the cultural politics of the Middle East in the Americas, to be published by The University of Michigan Press in 2007. Essays should focus on representation and diaspora as impacted by the transnational circulation of goods, ideas, images and sounds.  The essays should be written within an interdisciplinary cultural studies approach. The volume aims at deconstructing the academic boundaries established between area studies, ethnic studies, and postcolonial studies. We will also consider essays written within a comparative perspective, in relation to Middle Eastern communities in other “Western” spaces such as Europe. While unpublished work is preferred, some previously published pieces will be considered.

We will accept abstracts, conference papers, and full-length essays. Please include title, full mailing address, and contact information.  All submissions should be e-mailed to Ella Shohat (ella.shohat(at) and Evelyn Alsultany (alsultan(at) and longer submissions should also be mailed to: Evelyn Alsultany, Program in American Culture, University of Michigan, 3700 Haven Hall, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1045.  The deadline to submit an abstract for consideration is December 15, 2005. The anticipated date for final essay submissions is July 15, 2006.

For a more detailed description of the project, see


4. Stanford University -- The Mediterranean Studies Forum and the Sephardic Studies Project (Rodrigue)

Date: Fri., 14 Oct 2005

From: Aron Rodrigue <rodrigue(at)>


I am happy to announce a new initiative at Stanford University. I will be happy to hear your suggestions and proposals for projects and joint endeavors.

 With best wishes,

 Aron Rodrigue

 Professor and Chair,

 Department of History

 Stanford University

 Stanford, CA 94305-2024

 Mediterranean Studies at Stanford University, part of the new division of International Comparative and Area Studies, provides a forum for scholars to explore the interplay between societies, cultures, and communities around the Mediterranean basin from the Middle Ages to the present. Its focus is on all aspects of co-existence and conflict that have marked these encounters in the empires, port cities, nation-states, and transregional and transnational social, religious, cultural, economic contexts of North Africa, the Levant, the Balkans, and southern Europe. It is also interested in the multiple relations of the Mediterranean with other regions and areas of the world. Its central goal is to contribute to new inter-field and interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars of these various areas through lectures, colloquia, workshops, conferences, and publications.

 In conjunction with the Mediterranean Studies Forum, the Taube Center for Jewish Studies, also now part of the division of International and Comparative Studies, is launching a new initiative, the Sephardic Studies Project. This will be a new venue to explore the history and culture of Sephardi and Eastern Jewries through the same perspectives of the Mediterranean Studies Forum, and engage in the same sort of activities. It will also develop a website that will include representative samples of writings in various Judeo languages of the Sephardim over the ages, starting with Ladino.


5. Jewish Latino Film Series-Boston Latino Film Festival (Roses)

Date: Fri., 14 Oct 2005

From: "Lorraine E. Roses" <lroses(at)>

[Note from Editor/Moderator Aviva Ben-Ur: Though  this event has passed, readers may be interested in the films screened.]


 We proudly co-present two Jewish Latino films with the Boston Latino Film Festival.

 Sunday, October 16, 8pm

 Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge


 U.S. (70 min.)

 Written, directed & produced by Joycelyn Bejar

 Cuba: Beyond the Pearl of the Antilles documents the lives of the many Cuban Jews who left Cuba, where they lived since the early 1900's, in 1960.

 The film also has a political perspective and clearly illustrates the severe adverse effect that Castro has had on the Cuban people and their economy. The Jewish community in Cuba continues to survive. The film explores how they arrived in Cuba, how they continue to practice their religion, and why they have remained close to their roots.

 Winner: 2005 Miami Jewish Film festival, Best Documentary


 Mexico (9 min.)

 Directed by Ariel Zylbersztejn

 A touching and emotional short film that depicts the reaction of two Mexican children to the sight of numbers tattooed by the Nazis on the arms of their elderly immigrant grandparents.

 Tickets are $8, available at the door. For more information and a full schedule, see


6. Brandeis University Summer Institute for Israel Studies (Hoffman)

Date: Fri., 14 Oct 2005

From: HJ Newsletter <hjnews(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>

We welcome applications from college and university faculty for the Brandeis University Summer Institute for Israel Studies which will be held from June 21, 2006 through July 14, 2006. The announcement, including complete details, eligibility, and application procedures, is available here:  Please distribute it to any colleagues who might be interested.

Miriam Hoffman

Tauber Institute




7. Assistant Professorship: Michigan State University (DeRogatis)

Date: Fri., 14 Oct 2005

From: HJ Newsletter <hjnews(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>



The Department of Religious Studies in the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University invites applications for a full-time, three-year fixed-term AY position as Assistant Professor in Judaism. The appointment is renewable contingent on performance, availability of funding, and program need.  

The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the research and teaching mission of the Department, including teaching Introduction to Judaism and Modern Jewish Thought, and to the mission of MSU's growing Jewish Studies Program. There will be opportunities to develop courses in the candidate's specialization. Responsibilities also include teaching in Integrative Studies, MSU's general education program in the arts and humanities. The teaching expectation is two courses per semester.

The candidate must possess a strong commitment to teaching excellence and the potential to pursue creative research. Demonstrated competence in theoretical and comparative issues in the academic study of religion is expected. Completion of PhD. is required for appointment as Assistant Professor. ABD candidates will be considered for appointment at the level of Instructor. Salary will be commensurate with experience and credentials.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of application together with a CV, one semester of teaching evaluations, and no more than two writing samples to Prof. Amy DeRogatis, Chair of the Judaism Search Committee, c/o Jewish Studies, 301 Linton Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI 48824-1044.  For inquiries, contact derogat1(at) At least three letters of reference should be sent separately by their authors. Review of applications will begin November 7, 2005 and will continue until the position is filled. The appointment will begin August 16, 2006

MSU is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Institution


8. Assistant Professorship: Israel Studies at the University of Florida (Kugelmass)

Date: Fri., 14 Oct 2005

From: HJ Newsletter <hjnews(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>

 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Center for Jewish Studies, invites applications for a tenure-track, assistant professor in Israel Studies beginning August, 2006. Ph.D. expected by the time of appointment. The Center has a preference for a scholar employing historical approaches to the field of Israel Studies covering any period from the nineteenth century onward. The successful candidate will demonstrate evidence of a promising research agenda, commitment to teach in an appropriate discipline and ability to make a substantial contribution to the Center for Jewish Studies ( Completed applications include a curriculum vitae, statement describing research and teaching interests, sample publications, and three letters of recommendation to arrive by November 15, 2005. All material should be sent to: Chair, Israel Studies Search Committee, Center for Jewish Studies, 105 Walker Hall, PO Box 118020 Gainesville, FL 32611-8020. The University of Florida is an equal opportunity institution.

Jack Kugelmass, Director

Sam Melton Professor

Center for Jewish Studies

University of Florida

105 Walker Hall

PO Box 118020

Gainesville, FL 32611-8020

Phone: O: (352)-392-9247; H: (352) 338-9276; C: (602) 300-8422

Fax: (352)-392-5378

Email: JMKugelmass(at) or jkugelma(at)


9. Assistant Professorship in Pre-Modern Jewish Studies at Florida Atlantic University (Greenspahn)

Florida Atlantic University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in pre-modern Jewish Studies, to begin Fall 2006, pending budgetary approval.  

Applications are welcomed from scholars working in any period from late antiquity to the end of the Middle Ages. Applicants should be able to read sources in the original language and be grounded in one of the academic disciplines represented in the College, including Anthropology, Art, Communication, English, History, Languages & Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Theatre. Faculty also participate in such interdisciplinary programs as Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Latin American Studies, Jewish Studies, as well as a Doctoral Program in Comparative Studies. Candidates, who should have received the Ph.D. by the time of appointment, should send a curriculum vitae, brief description of research plans and teaching interests along with a list of references to Professor Frederick Greenspahn, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, Florida Atlantic University, 777 Glades Road, P.O. Box 3091, Boca Raton, Florida 33431-0991. Consideration of applications will begin November 1. Florida Atlantic University is an Equal Opportunity/Access/Affirmative Action Institution.


10. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Fellowship Committee)

Date: Fri., 14 Oct 2005

From: HJ Newsletter <hjnews(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>

The George L. Mosse/Laurence A. Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is pleased to announce the Laurence A. Weinstein Postdoctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies. The tenure of the fellowship may be for one or two years. Teaching responsibilities are one course per academic year. In addition to being a member of the Center, the holder of the fellowship will also have a home in a department in the College of Letters and Science. There is also the possibility of membership in the Institute for Research in the Humanities. Scholars working in one of the following disciplinary areas within Jewish Studies are encouraged to apply for the fellowship: (1)

Ancient or medieval Jewish history; or (2) Art History, any period, with a focus on Judaism and art. In addition to salary, the fellowship carries a research budget. Please send a CV, no more than two writing samples and three letters of support to: Fellowship Committee, Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 308 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706. To insure consideration, application must be received by: November 30, 2005.

Unless confidentiality is requested in writing, information regarding the names of applicants must be released upon request. Finalists cannot be guaranteed confidentiality. UW-Madison is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.


11. 37th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies (Horowitz and Sheramy)

Date: Mon., 17 Oct 2005

From: Association for Jewish Studies <ajs(at)>

Dear Friend,

 This letter includes important information regarding the 37th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies to be held Sunday, December 18 through Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at the Washington Hilton and Towers.  We are pleased to invite all AJS members to attend the AJS Annual Gala Banquet at the Washington Hilton and Towers at specially reduced prices. Thanks to the generosity of mid-Atlantic Jewish studies programs, departments, and institutions, banquet tickets are now only $25.00 for regular and associate AJS members and their guests, and $15.00 for student members, a significant discount from the original banquet fee of $57.00. The banquet will be held on Sunday, December 18, 2005 at 6:45 p.m.

We encourage you to renew your membership and take advantage of this special opportunity to enjoy a stimulating evening with your colleagues and a gourmet kosher dinner. Please note that a light reception will precede the banquet. Those of you who have already purchased tickets for the Sunday banquet will be refunded the difference between the full-priced ticket and the new reduced price. Following the Annual Gala Banquet on December 18, Ambassador Dennis Ross, former U.S. Middle East negotiator and author of The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace, will deliver the AJS plenary lecture at 8:00 p.m. This program has been organized in cooperation with the Jewish Book Council and is free and open to the public.

Reservations for the banquet, as well as for other kosher meals catered by the Washington Hilton and Towers, may be made by credit card online at  <file:///\\\ajs> (select link "Reserve Meals" in the conference information box), or by downloading a conference/meal reservation form and mailing payment by check to the AJS office. The deadline for all meal reservations is November 15, 2005.

Please also remember that colleagues and friends who may wish to join you at the conference are encouraged to sign-up in advance at the Reduced Registration Rate. Advance registration also enables participants to receive their badges in the mail and avoid any wait at the registration desk. Online registration at will close November 15; thereafter, all registrations will be on-site in Washington, DC at the Standard Conference Rate. If you prefer to pay for registration by check, please download the appropriate form from the AJS website (select link "Register for Conference") and mail with payment to the AJS office by the deadline. We would also like to encourage you to book your hotel reservations at the Washington Hilton at the special conference rate of $109.00 ($99.00 for students) by the deadline of November 15. This rate is guaranteed only through November 15, so please book your rooms as soon as possible. Reservations can be made by calling the Hilton reservations line at 1-800-HILTONS. Make sure to request the Association for Jewish Studies rate.

For those interested in childcare services, the Parents Childcare Co-op has made arrangements for Kiddie Corp, Inc. to provide affordable childcare throughout the conference. For further information, please see "Childcare" under General Conference Information on the AJS website, or contact Andrea Lieber at (717) 245-1482 or lieber(at) Please note that the Parents Childcare Co-op is an independent initiative and is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the Association for Jewish Studies. The Association for Jewish Studies assumes no liability for use of these services.

We appreciate your careful attention to this message and look forward to seeing you in December.


 Sara R. Horowitz

 Vice-President for Program

 Association for Jewish Studies

 Rona Sheramy

 Executive Director

 Association for Jewish Studies

 Association for Jewish Studies

 15 W. 16th Street

 New York, NY 10011

 Phone: 917.606.8249

 Fax: 917.606.8222


 Judith R. Baskin, President

 Rona Sheramy, Executive Director


12. Query: Sephardic Study Programs Abroad (Adler)

Date: Tue., 11 Oct 2005

From: Matt Adler <madler(at)>

I am currently a Sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis and exploring study abroad opportunities, perhaps for the next academic year.  I am very interested in Sephardic Studies and culture and speak fluent Spanish and Hebrew, as well as a little bit of Arabic (which I am studying now).  

Do readers have any suggestions of programs abroad where I could study Sephardic culture, past or present? Also, I have a particular interest in Mizrachi music and its societal impact.

I'd appreciate any feedback or advice you could give. Thanks for your time!

Matt Adler

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