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Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List - Week of August 28, 2005

Association for Jewish Studies Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List

Editor/Moderator: Aviva Ben-Ur <aben-ur(at)>

Week of Sunday, August 28, 2005 (23 Av 5765)




1. Seeking information on Nessim Sibony’s *Enfance Juive au Maroc.* (Pratt-Hudson)

2. Endangered Archives Program: Accepting Applications (Clover)

3. New Publication: *Muwashshahaat: Proceedings of the International Conference on Arabic and Hebrew Strophic Poetry* (Emery)

4.  Call for Papers: Al-Andalus Conference (Emery)

5. Memorial for Muslim and Jewish Turkish Victims of Holocaust (Ma)

6. Call for Papers: Atlantic History Workshop (Kupperman)


1. Seeking information on Nessim Sibony’s *Enfance Juive au Maroc.* (Pratt-Hudson)

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005

From: Cheryl Pratt-Hudson <CPrattHudson(at)>

I am looking for some information on Nessim Sibony’s *Enfance Juive au Maroc: paradis perdu?*  Do readers know how to purchase this publication or how to

 get in touch with the author? My company is a wholesale book distributor for schools and academic libraries.

Thank you for your assistance,

Cheryl L Pratt-Hudson

Order Management

 YBP Library Services

 999 Maple Street

 Contoocook, NH  03229

 telephone: 603-746-3102 x3160

 fax: 603-746-5628

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2. Endangered Archives Program: Accepting Applications (Clover)

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 15:05:53 -0400

From: Colleen Vasconcellos <colleen(at)MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>


Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005

From: David Clover <David.Clover(at)>

 The Endangered Archives Programme, which focuses on the preservation and copying of important but vulnerable archives throughout the world, is now accepting applications for the next round of funding.  Detailed information on the timetable, criteria, eligibility and procedures for applying for a grant is available on the British Library's website at:

 The Programme's aim is to safeguard archival material relating to societies before 'modernisation' or 'industrialisation' generated institutional and record-keeping structures for the systematic preservation of historical records. The time period will therefore vary according to the society. Any theme or regional interest will be considered, although the Programme particularly welcomes applications concerned with non-western societies.

The Programme includes:

 Major projects - individual researchers may apply for grants to locate relevant collections, to arrange their transfer to a suitable local archival home where possible, and to deliver copies to the British Library and a local institution for the benefit of researchers worldwide.

 Pilot projects -  to investigate the survival of archival collections on a particular subject, in a discrete region, or in a specific format, and the feasibility of their recovery.

 The funds requested for the project should be fully justified in terms of the work that is proposed. It is envisaged that a major project will be in the region of £50,000 and a pilot project, £10,000.


 Overseas archivists and librarians may apply for bursaries for professional attachments at the British Library, to help improve archival standards in cataloguing, preservation, etc., and so assist the process of safeguarding other such collections locally in the future.

 British Library website 16 August

 David Clover

 Information Resources Manager/Librarian

 Institute of Commonwealth Studies

 University of London

 28 Russell Square

 London WC1B 5DS

 020 7862 8840


3. New Publication: *Muwashshahaat: Proceedings of the International Conference on Arabic and Hebrew Strophic Poetry* (Emery)

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005

From: "Ed Emery" <ed.emery(at)>

Via: Dina Dahbany-Miraglia <ddmqcc(at)>

Dear Colleagues,

I write with a progress report about the Book of Proceedings of the Muwashshah Conference.

1. More than two thirds of the 25 articles have now reached page proof stage. This is good progress.

2. There is still difficult work to be done: problems with tables, with Arabic and Hebrew typesetting etc. But nothing insurmountable.


3. Publishing details have not been finalised yet. But they will be something approximating to the following (please note that these details are unconfirmed... confirmation will follow at a later date):

(a) Publisher: RNR Books of London (a private press), in conjunction with the Music Department of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

(b) Title of book: "Muwashshahaat: Proceedings of the International Conference on Arabic and Hebrew Strophic Poetry and its Romance Parallels, School of Oriental & African Studies, London, 8-10 October 2003".


(c) Editor: Ed Emery


(d) Extent: c. 380pp Hardback.


(e) Price: £45.00


(f) Date of publication: 15 December 2005.


4. We expect to be printing with the Gutenberg Press in Malta. I am working to high specifications of quality (good paper, good binding etc). The book will be indexed.

5. The book will be distributed via the SOAS bookshop (internet sales and bookshop sales) and Saqi Books of London (bookshop sales).

7. Other than that, I remind you that we are now drawing up the prospectus for the "Al-Andalus" conference to be held in Cambridge on 12-14 September 2006. Details are contained in the next message.

With best regards,


Ed Emery

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4.  Call for Papers: Al-Andalus Conference (Emery)

THE ANDALUS CONFERENCE: Cultural crossovers from the Arabic and Jewish culture of al-Andalus into early modern Europe


A conference to be held at the University of Cambridge, Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th September 2006.


OBJECTIVE: The conference is designed to overcome the traditionally established barriers, by which academic specialisations related to medieval and Renaissance culture do not step over the line to examine relations with Arabic and Jewish culture. An interrogation of the epistemological gap that has been created, variously, by Catholicism, fascism, racism and anti-semitism through the intervening centuries. And an attempt to bridge that gap.

The particular focus of the conference will be music and poetry of the medieval period (especially muwashshah, zajal, music, musical instrumentation and troubadour culture). However we intend to bring in other aspects, since there is much to be gained by widening the focus.


Thus our objectives are twofold:  (a) To examine the ways in which research into these overlaps has NOT happened in the past thousand years, and why it has not happened. (b) To solicit papers from people in a variety of fields with interesting things to say about the cultural cross-overs from al-Andalus into Early Europe.

In order to open the wider areas relating to musical and poetical issues the following may be areas in which papers might be invited:


* Dress and instrumental repertoires as represented in the illustrations of the Cantigas de Santa Maria.

* Sufism as a factor of cultural unification in the Mediterranean. Musical forms of Sufi observance.

* New ideas in mathematics: Arabic numerals and the value of Greek pi. Effects in music, song and poetry.


* Charting the spread of musical instruments from Andalus into Early Europe.


* Presence of "Oriental"-type scales (maqamat) in early "Western" music.


* Christian and Islamic self-flagellation movements: Sufis, San Domenico and the Italian companies of laudisti. Hymnology of the same.


* Reassessing the origins of European theatre: maqamaat, machberoth, contrasti, dialogic verse and travelling performers.

* Rebab and rebec, vidulatores and gigatores, viol and vielha: varied and unexamined histories of stringed instruments.


* Jig as 6/8 dance, jigge as theatre, giga as fiddle: an etymological conundrum.

* Pilgrim traffics of Arabs, Jews and Christians. Pilgrim song.

* Arab and Spanish contributions to horse breeding, cavalry technique and equine culture in general.


* Falconry: as aristocratic practice, and as metaphor for knowledge of the divine.

While we are seeking contributions across a wide range of themes, we are mindful of the dangers of open-endedness. We aim to fine-tune and focus the eventual choice of papers into a disciplined programme of work.

PUBLICATION: Papers from the conference will be published in book form. The format of publication will depend on availability of funding, willingness of publishers etc.

ORGANISING COMMITTEE: An international steering committee is being set up. We shall invite Cambridge people from Arabic Studies, Hispanic Studies and Jewish Studies. Present members of the committee are Prof. Federico Corriente (Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Zaragoza); Dr Ruth Davis (Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge); Prof. Dwight Reynolds (University of California)

The organiser and initiator of the conference will be Ed Emery (Universitas adversitatis), acting with support and advice of the sponsoring bodies.


A website is being be created for the conference, and for the future life of this venture.


DATE: The dates for the conference are Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th September 2006. The midweek is chosen to avoid the Sabbath. It will be a two-day event, with a social gathering on the evening before the first day's conferring. Also an Evening Concert on the Wednesday evening.

VENUE: Bateman Auditorium, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge.


CONTACTS: Proposals of papers and requests for registration may be sent to

Ed Emery: ed.emery(at) / 0795 755 6352


5. Memorial for Muslim and Jewish Turkish Victims of Holocaust (Ma)

Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005

From: infoetuorg(at)

Dear friends,

The European Turkish Union is inviting you at the 60th anniversary year Erection of a Monument in Remembrance of the Holocaust - Shoah, murdered of our Turkish Citizens ( Muslims and Jews ) by the Nazis at the Dachau Concentration Camp between 1933-1945 in Germany.

Please visit our unique museum in Turkey



European Turkish Union


Secretary General

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[Note from Editor/Moderator Aviva Ben-Ur: The English text of the quadrilingual (Turkish, English, German, Hebrew) plaque reads: “The European Turkish Union remembers with sadness our Turkish citizens an relative who lost their lives during the Holocaust (Shoah) brutal and cruel murdered, executed and burned here in the concentration Camp.  Dachua 1933-1945.” Details of the event are below.]

Dear Madam and Sir,

We are very pleased and honoured to be able to invite you to a memorial ceremony located in Dachau (Münich) at the Dachau concentration Camp, planned for September 16th 2005 at 11.00 hours.

We are commemorating the annihilation the killing vast amount of Turkish-Moslems and Turkish-Jews. Turkish Citizens who were victims at the Dachau concentration Camp in Bavaria southern Germany between 1933 and May 1945.

We will be erecting a monument in remembrance of these persons, who were put to death brutal and cruel murdered by torture and shooting execution by the Nazis in Europe.

We sincerely hope that you are available to take part in this important occasion and therefore request that you offer us a date or dates in September in which your attendance can be ascertained.

We greatly appreciate your interest, support and involvement in this very special matter.

Should you have any further questions or require additional information we are available for you under the above address, telephone and E-Mail.

We are looking forward to hearing from you forthwith.

Yours sincerely

European Turkish Union

MR  DR. BILGIN                                        MR. PROF.  DR. KLÖR

President                                                    Second President

Please mail any questions to:


Secretary General



6. Call for Papers: Atlantic History Workshop (Kupperman)

Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005

From: Christian Ayne Crouch <christian.crouch(at)>

Via: Atlantic History Workshop <atlantic-world(at)>

Dear colleagues:  I am writing to invite you to participate in NYU's Atlantic History Workshop.  The workshop is designed to bring together faculty and students from across the university and the city to discuss work in progress in Atlantic history broadly construed.  We normally meet over lunch on Tuesdays in the common period, 12:30 to 2 in KJCC 527.  Attached to this message is our list of speakers for this fall, 2005.  NB:  

Our second seminar this fall, a discussion of the Atlantic World as a field, will be on Friday, Sept. 30.  

 Papers for the workshop are precirculated, so that we can devote our time to discussion.  The papers for each session will be available on our website [ ] approximately a week in advance of the meeting at which it will be discussed.   Please join us for our first speaker, Professor Irene Silverblatt of Duke University on September 20.  

 If you would like to be placed on our listserv and receive notices of all our meetings and other events of interest, please send a message to Christian Crouch, christian.crouch(at)

Karen Ordahl Kupperman

 Atlantic History Workshop

 Fall semester, 2005

[Note from Editor/Moderator Aviva Ben-Ur: please see the Atlantic History Workshop website for past papers that have dealt with Jewish themes.]

 September 20                                Irene Silverblatt, Duke University

 Peru and the Colonial Origins of the Civilized World

 September 30                                Atlantic World as a field:  a discussion

 October 4                                 Evan Haefeli, Columbia University

 The Long Finn and Delaware's 1669 Uproar: A Swedish Atlantic?

 October 11                                Ellen Gunnarsdottir, independent scholar

 The Counter-Reformation across the Atlantic; Francisca de los Ángeles and the missionaries of Propaganda


 October 25                                Pedro Machado, NYU

 The currency that is accepted in ports: Locating South Asian textiles in East Central Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries.                

 November 8                                Daniel Hulsebosch, NYU Law School

 Nothing but Freedom: Somerset's Case and the British Empire.

 November 15                                Christian Crouch, NYU

 Almost Indian and Barely French? Problems of War and Honor in the French American Empire during the Seven Years' War

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