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Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List - Week of January 30, 2005

Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List - Week of January 30, 2005

Association for Jewish Studies Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List

Editor/Moderator: Aviva Ben-Ur <aben-ur(at)>

Week of Sunday, January 30, 2005 (20 Shevat 5765)




  • 1. Call for Papers: Sephardim in the Americas (Bejarano)
  • 2. Special Exhibit at FIU: Maimonides’ Legacy (Zohar)
  • 3. Schwartz Translation of Maimonides Now On-Line (Lerner)
  • 4. Harry Starr Fellowship in Judaica (Harvard University)
  • 5. Summer Fellowship in American Jewish History (Isserman)
  • 6. Lily Safra Internship Program, June 13-Aug. 5 (Olins)
  • 7. Seeking Contact Information for Carsten Lorenz Wilke (Graizbord)


1. Call for Papers: Sephardim in the Americas (Bejarano)

From: Margalit Bejarano <msbejar(at)>

Date: January 28, 2005

Project of Sephardic Studies in Latin America




Pre-Congress in Jerusalem

Thursday, July 28, 2005

You are cordially invited to participate in a seminar on the study of Contemporary Sephardic communities, particularly from the Middle East and North Africa, in the Americas. The purpose of the seminar is to bring together scholars studying similar ethnic groups in different contexts, in order to exchange ideas on research problems, such as sources (written and oral) and methodology, that may lead to the preparation of an agenda for a comparative study on Sephardim in North, Central and South America.

The seminar will take place on Thursday, July 28, 2005, at the Mount Scopus Campus, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It will be a Pre-Congress of the Fourteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, that will be held in the same campus between July 31st and August 4th, 2005. The seminar is organized by the Division of Latin America, Spain and Portugal in the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Researchers are invited to submit their proposals for the presentation of a paper or a survey (according to the program), or to participate in the sessions and workshops. Papers should not exceed 15-20 minutes, as the intention is to have more time for open discussions.

Please address your proposals: and abstract (for those interested to present a paper), personal details and academic affiliation to Dr. Margalit Bejarano, msbejar(at)

The proposed program:

09.00-11.00 Opening Session:


Lectures on the following subjects (summing up the findings of research):

Sephardim in the United States

Sephardim in Canada

Sephardim in Latin America

11.30-13.30:      Workshops:

     Reports on individual studies

     Discussion on methodological problems


15.00-17.00: Sources and Projects:

     Surveys of archival deposits (in different countries)

     Oral history projects

17.30-19.30: Closing Session

Round table with scholars from different disciplines (history, sociology, anthropology and demography)

     Concluding remarks: an attempt to summarize the agenda


2.  Special Exhibit at FIU: Maimonides’ Legacy (Zohar)

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:17:08 -0500

From: Zion Zohar <zoharz(at)>

Institute for Judaic and Near Eastern Studies, The President Navon Program for the Study of Sephardic and Oriental Jewry, the Office of the Vice Provost, Yovel & Other Prominent Institutions, are very proud to present:


Celebrating the exceptional history of Sephardic Jewry, we have the privilege of living in the year that marks the 800th anniversary of one of the most important figures in post-biblical Jewish history-Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, known as Maimonides or the Rambam, who died in Egypt in the year 1204. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we commemorate the life of this prolific man with a two-week exhibit featuring his life story through graphic and textual illustrations.

The Sephardic community will host an exhibit of the life and legacy of Rambam. Moses ben Maimon, the rabbi, physician, philosopher, and community leader was the most significant Jewish sage of the Middle Ages. In addition, we shall celebrate the recent publication of Professor Isaac Benharroch's Haketia dictionary. Haketia, an oral Moroccan-Jewish language, is nearly extinct and Professor Benharroch has preserved this unique tradition.

Exhibit Opening Day: Sunday, February 13, 2005 at 4:00 PM


Presentation of Maimonides Exhibit:  

Dr. Zion Zohar, Florida International University

Presentation of Isaac Benharroch's (Z"L) Haketia Dictionary:                      

Dr. Henry A. Green, University of Miami          

The Exhibit will be open and free to the public for 2 weeks.

EXHIBIT DAYS:  February 13-27, 2005        

EXHIBIT HOURS:  10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

WHERE:  Library (First Floor), Florida International University-North Campus

Entrance at Biscayne Blvd and 151st Street, North Miami

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3.  Schwartz Translation of Maimonides Now On-Line (Lerner)

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005

From: "Berel Dov Lerner" <bd_lerner(at)>

Via: Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein <hjmod(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>

Michael Schwartz's new Hebrew translation of Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed is available on-line at:

Berel Dov Lerner


4. Harry Starr Fellowship in Judaica (Harvard University)

From: H-Judaic, Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein <hjmod(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>

Harry Starr Fellowship in Judaica

The Harvard University Center for Jewish Studies invites applications each academic year for the Harry Starr Fellowship in Judaica. Applicants may

Come from any discipline in the humanities or social sciences associated with studies in Judaica.

The Starr fellowships for 2005-2006 will be available exclusively to recent Ph.D. recipients, defined as those who have received their Ph.D. degrees after January, 2002 and before June 2005. There will be no topical focus for this year, but we will try to put together a group of people whose interests overlap as much as is possible. Fellows will be welcome to spend the entire year at the Center, but must minimally be in residence for the spring term.

Interested applicants should submit a completed application form, short project proposal, C.V., and two letters of recommendation by the deadline date of Monday, January 31, 2005. The fellowship committee will inform applicants of their decisions in the Spring of 2005.

Applications and further information are available at:


5. Summer Fellowship in American Jewish History (Isserman)

From: H-Judaic, Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein <hjmod(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>

The Myer and Rosaline Feinstein Center for American Jewish History announces its annual summer fellowship to support research in American Jewish History. The grant of $2,500 is available to graduate students and untenured faculty members at any American or Canadian university.

The Center has a special interest in research that focuses on Philadelphia Jewish history, but it will consider all appropriate subjects in making its awards.

Candidates should submit proposals of no more than five typewritten, double- spaced pages to Dr. Murray Friedman, Feinstein Center for American Jewish History, Temple University, 1515 Market Street, Suite 215, Philadelphia, PA, 19102. A letter of support from the graduate student's research director, or -- in the case of faculty members -- a colleague familiar with the applicant's qualifications to undertake the project, should accompany the proposal as well as a copy of the applicant's curriculum vitae.

Proposals for the summer fellowship are due by April 14, 2005. Announcement of awards will be made in June 2005.

Nancy Isserman, Associate Director

Feinstein Center for American Jewish History

Temple University

1515 Market Street, Suite 215

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 215 204-9553

Fax: 215 204-5813


6. Lily Safra Internship Program, June 13-Aug. 5 (Olins)

From: <Dolins(at)>

Via: H-Judaic, Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein <hjmod(at)OISE.UTORONTO.CA>

The Lily Safra Internship Program is a Brandeis University summer program that provides undergraduates from the US and abroad opportunities to explore the fields of Jewish women's and gender studies with scholars and staff at the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute.


Assist staff and scholars with ongoing HBI projects

Develop an independent research project

Visit local institutions and organizations of Jewish interest

Travel to the 2005 Hadassah National Convention in Washington D.C.

Meet local community activists

Receive a weekly stipend and subsidized on-campus housing

Application information will be posted online February 15, 2005. Please visit our website at

Deadline for Applications

March 15, 2004


Debby Olins, Program Manager



7. Seeking Contact Information for Carsten Lorenz Wilke (Graizbord)

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 19:17:01 +0000

From: David Graizbord <graizbord(at)>


I am trying to contact the scholar Carsten Lorenz Wilke, whose name I was not able to find at the website for the University of Duisburg.  I would be obliged if any member of the list would send me Prof. Wilke's up-to-date contact information, preferably including an institutional address.

Thanks in advance,

David Graizbord

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