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Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List - Week of August 1, 2004


Association for Jewish Studies Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List

Editor/Moderator: Aviva Ben-Ur <aben-ur(at)>

Week of Sunday, August 1, 2004 (14 Av 5764)






1.       Note from Editor/Moderator (Ben-Ur)

2.       International Conference on Jewish Genealogy included Sephardic Genealogy (July 2004)

3.       Articles in Ladino by Moshe Shaul and Ricardo E. Mateo Durand now available & update on “Murcia Tres Culturas” program  (Santa Puche)

4.       The Hazel D. Cole Fellowship In Jewish Studies (Paxton)

5.       International Symposium: “The Legacy of Maimonides Today” (Cohen)

6.       New Publication: *The Sephardic Onomasticon* (Pinto)

7.       New Publication: *The Kohens del de Campavias: a family's sweet and sour story in Ottoman and Republican Turkey* (Kohen)

8.       New Publication: *Ladinar* III (2004)


1. Note from Editor/Moderator (Ben-Ur)


Summer greetings to veteran and new members alike.  I have been away on a research trip for the past few months and therefore could not sooner dispatch the current Discussion List issue.  My apologies to all for the delay and thank you for your patience.  As usual, past due notices are posted in the interest of informing the scholarly public of the rich activity in our field.  A special welcome to several recent newly subscribed members!


Aviva Ben-Ur


2. International Conference on Jewish Genealogy included Sephardic Genealogy (July 2004)


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 08:42:08 -0400

Courtesy: Rachel Simon <rsimon(at)Princeton.EDU>


We are delighted to inform you that this year's International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, Jerusalem July 2004, will include a particularly rich program (unequaled in any prior conference!) on Sephardic Genealogy.


Additionally, there will be presentations that will deal with both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Genealogy as well as oriental communities, and related topics and lectures of general interest. The Program Committee tried to cover as many countries/areas as possible. World experts in different fields will present the lectures. You can download the preliminary program in a .pdf file at:


Among others, you will find: Sephardic and Oriental Genealogy and related fields:


1. The Sephardic Community of Gallipoli (Gelibolu) As Reported In a Rabbinical Responsa- Dr. David Sheby (USA)

2. Names of Jews of Morocco and the Unique Genealogical Sources of the Community of Mogador (Essaouira)- Sidney Corcos (Israel)

3. Jewish Heraldry. The Coat of Arms of the Shemtov-Kalonymos-Bonet Family Sagas- Andreas Bonet (Spain)

4. Some Jewish  Families in Italy. Lea Hartom & Giovanna Camis (both from Israel)

5. Syrian Jewish Culture and Rabbinical Families. Sarina Roffe (USA)

6. Sephardic Diaspora Rabbinic Literature as a Genealogical Source – The Example of Izmir. Dov Cohen (Israel)

7. The B'nai Anusim Return to the Jewish People After 500 Years. Jonina Duker  (USA)

8. Sources and Methods for Studying North African and Sephardi Jews in 19th Century Eretz-Israel. Dr. Michal Ben Yaakov (Israel)

9. Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames. Guilherme Faiguenboim (Brazil)

10. Deciphering Genealogical Documents Written in the Cursive Sephardi(Solitreo). Dov Cohen (Israel)

11. The Pinkas of the Jewish Community of Khartoum: Its Contribution and Essentiality to the Study of the Community and the History of the Sudanese Jewry. Dr. Nahem Ilan (Israel)

12. The Connections between Family Emblems and Names in the Balearic Islands of Spain-Gloria Mound (Israel)

13. Guide to Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel. Dr. Yitzchak Kerem and Mathilde Tagger (Israel)

14. Cavaller - Cavallero - Caballero Family Research based on Medieval Manuscripts prior the Expulsion. Marcos Cavallero (Israel)

15. Napoleon Was a (Very) Distant Cousin of Mine: Jewish Internet from the 17th Century. Dr. Marco Soria (Italy)

16. History and Genealogy of the Jews of Rhodes and Their Diaspora. Leon Taranto (USA)

17. Ethiopian Jewish History: Cultural Implications and Database Creation. Shlomo Akale (Israel)

18. Principal Characteristics of Jewish Family Names from Yemen. Dr. Aharon Giamani (Israel)

19. 1840 Montefiore Census of Jews in Alexandria. Yves Fedida (France)

20. Holdings of the Ben-Zvi Institute Library for Ottoman Sephardi Genealogical Research. Dov Cohen (Israel)

21. Italian Resources for Jewish Genealogy and Projects of Large Databases. Dr. Nardo Bonomi (Italy)

22. Consular Archives in Eretz Israel Relating to Protected North African and Turkish Jews. Yves Fedida (France)

23. Personal Names of the Jews of Aleppo, Syria and of the Egypt Jews in Egypt in the 19th and early-20th centuries. Dr. Leah Bronstein-Makovetzki(Israel)

24. Ebay as a New Source of Sephardic Genealogical and Cultural Heritage Data. Dr. David Sheby (USA)

25. The Importance of Genealogy in Marrano-Anusim Research. Gloria Mound(Israel)

26. Growing Les Fleurs De L'orient In Cyberspace: Major Jewish Families of the Ottoman Empire (and Beyond). Alain Farhi (Great Britain)

27. Second International Meeting of the international Sefard SIG, coordinated by Dr. Jeffrey Malka(USA)


Presentations of Mixed Interest- Sephardim and Ashkenazim:

1. Amsterdam Jewish Burial Books 1834 - 1872. Ury Link (Netherlands)

2. Helkat Mehokek - Database of 8,000 Tombstone Inscriptions, Mount of Olives Cemetery, Jerusalem- Mathilde Tagger (Israel)

3. Successful Genealogical Research in Safed: Several Case Studies. Haim Sidor (Israel)

4. Family Biographies in Historical Geography. Dr. Joseph Glass & Prof. Ruth Kark (Israel)

5. Montefiore Census of 1875 in The Holy Land. Meriam Haringman-Goiten(Israel)


There will be lectures on main Israeli repositories: The National and University Library, The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, The Central Zionist Archives, The Joint Archives etc.. and a very special afternoon and evening program at Yad Vashem. Topics such as Onomastics, Cemeteries, Genetics, etc. will also be included.

Conference details at



3.  Articles in Ladino by Moshe Shaul and Ricardo E. Mateo Durand now available & update on “Murcia Tres Culturas” program  (Santa Puche)


From: salvasanta(at)

Date: Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Keridos haverim de la LK,


La profesora i vise-rektora de la Universidad de Murcia, Juana Castanyo, me rogo de anunsiarvos ke ya aparesio el nº 7 de la revista 'Tonos Digital', auspisiada por la mizma universidad.


En eya podresh meldar un artikolo de Moshe Shaul, ansi ke una rezenya del prof. Ricardo E. Mateo Durand sovre el livro ' Livro de las Testimoniansas: Los sefaradies i la Shoa'.

Su adreso elektroniko es:


De mizmo me akavida de anunsiar a todas las personas ke permetieron ke el kurso de enverano 'Murcia Tres Culturas' tuvo grande reushidad su rengrasiamiento mas profundo. Rengrasia muy fuertemente a Moshe Shaul, Rachel Amado, Matilde Gini de Barnatan, Rakel de 'Radio Sefarad' i a mi mizmo.

De mi vanda solo puedo enkorajar a esta profesora, grande amiga de la kultura sefaradi, a kontinuar sus esforsos i intereso por muestra kultura.

Shalom a todos.



Dr. SANTA PUCHE, Salvador

Tfn: 968-792197/968-752131

Fax: 968-752131

4.  The Hazel D. Cole Fellowship In Jewish Studies (Paxton)


From: Loryn Paxton lpaxton(at)

Date: Monday, July 19, 2004 6:14 PM


 The Jewish Studies Program at the University of Washington is welcoming
applications for the Hazel D. Cole Fellowship in Jewish Studies for the
academic year 2004-2005.  The Fellowship may be used for either doctoral
or post-doctoral research in any field of Jewish Studies.  Candidates must
agree to be in residence at the University of Washington for the tenure of their fellowship.  The Hazel D. Cole Fellow will receive a stipend of approximately $30,000 pending funding for the academic year, will take part in the ongoing Jewish Studies Colloquium, and will offer one undergraduate seminar or lecture course during their tenure.

Applicants from all American and foreign universities are welcome.
Applications should consist of:

 (1) A current curriculum vitae.

 (2) A description (not exceeding five pages) of the proposed research

 (3) Three letters of recommendation.

All applications (including letters of recommendation) should be received
no later than November 14, 2003.

Application materials may be mailed to: Hazel D. Cole Fellowship Search
Committee, JSIS, University of Washington, Box 353650, Seattle, WA
98195-3650. (Applications by fax or email will not be accepted).

5.  International Symposium: “The Legacy of Maimonides Today” (Cohen)


From: cidicsef <cidicsef(at)>

Date: July 1, 2004


Buenos Aires, May 2004.

CIDICSEF and the University of Maimonides.

In collaboration with the National University of Tres de Febrero



Our visions of his life and work,

eight centuries after his death.


Buenos Aires, August 14 (inauguration), 15 and 16, 2004.

An Introductory Symposium on the life and work of Maimonides was carried out in November 2003. This event encouraged the need to further advance on matters related to the thoughts of Maimonides that are valid today.

The purpose of this call for papers is to gather more information related to the work of Maimonides and the way it can be interpreted today. The papers accepted should present his findings in the areas of philosophy and medicine, as well as those in education, codification of the Jewish law, etc. The papers which will be most accepted are those which show the central values and concepts of Maimonides which are currently valid. An aspect that will be highly valued will be that of his legacy in the areas of education for youngsters and adults.

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

In order to participate in this event, a summarized paper must be submitted before July 26, 2004. The presentation of the summaries must be formatted in A4 size paper, 12 pitch, and single space line. A Curriculum Vitae of half a page length, in identical format, must be attached to the summary. The Organizing Committee will take two weeks to evaluate the papers submitted.

The final papers must be submitted before the date of the Symposium.


The Evaluating Committee members are:

Dr. Mario Eduardo Cohen (CIDiCSef) and Lic. Regina Steiner (University of Maimonides)

Proposals should be sent to:


Salguero 758

(1177) Buenos Aires - Argentina

E-mail: cidicsef(at)

Tel. 54-11-4861-0686

5.  New Publication: A Bibilography of Books, Theses and Articles Published in Turkey Concerning Judaism, 1923-2003 (Bali)


From: Rifat Bali

Courtesy: Rachel Simon rsimon(at)Princeton.EDU

Date: Monday, June 28, 2004


Please note that I have published a new bibliography entitled:


Turkiye'de yayimlanmis Yahudilikle ilgili kitap, tez ve makaleler bibliyografyasi 1923-2003 (A Bibliography of Books, Theses and Articles Published in Turkey Concerning Judaism 1923-2003)


The book is available from


Turkuaz Yayinlari

Emir Nevruz Sokak 12

Panayia Apt


80050 Istanbul


fx: 90 - 212 - 245 45 84

email: nedret(at)




Rifat N.Bali


6.  New Publication: *The Sephardic Onomasticon* (Pinto)


From: Rachel Simon rsimon(at)Princeton.EDU

Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2004 1:54 PM


We received this book at Princeton University Library:


Baruh B. Pinto.  *The Sephardic onomasticon :  an etymological resarch on Sephardic family names of the Jews living in Turkey* (Istanbul: Gozlem, 2004)


The names appear in alphabetical order, with data about origin, language, meaning, etc.


Rachel Simon


7.  New Publication: *The Kohens del de Campavias: a family's sweet and sour story in Ottoman and Republican Turkey* (Kohen)


From: D. S. Wilson dunwilson(at)

Courtesy: Rachel Simon rsimon(at)Princeton.EDU

Date: Monday, June 7, 2004


New book on Sephardic Social History in Turkey:



Elli Kohen.  *The Kohens del de Campavias: a family's sweet and sour story in Ottoman and Republican Turkey*  (Istanbul: Isis Press, 2004).


$20 + $1.90 shipping = Total $21.90


Available from D. S. Wilson

PO Box 65008

Los Angeles, CA 90065-0008

email: dunwilson(at)


8.  New Publication: *Ladinar* III (2004)


From: Refael Shmuel refaes(at)

Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2004 8:03 AM


Just appeared


Ladinar Vol. III


Studies in the Literture, Music and the History  of the Ladino speaking Sephardic Jews


Edited by Prof. Y. Dishon and Dr. S. Refael


Table of Contents:


The Ottoman Reform and The Custom of Beating Haman

Yaron Harel


Albert Ginio from Salonika (1890-1943): The Man and His Life


Alisa Ginio Meyuhas


The Copla Los guisados de las berenjenas: Generic and Poetic Study        

Shmuel Refael


Dispute Poems in The Literary Work of Shlomo Sharvit Zahav from Salonika

Judith Dishon


The Dreyfuss Affair and Its Reflection on Two Ladino Novels       

Nitza Dori


For Orders Please send a check made to Bar-Ilan University for the sum of 25$ (includes shipping).


The previous volumes can be purchased for the price of 15$ each.



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