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Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List - August 24, 2003

Association for Jewish Studies Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List
Editor/Moderator: Aviva Ben-Ur <>
Week of Sunday, August 24, 2003 (26 Av 5763)


1. Istanbul Jewish Marriage and Burial Records Now on Line (Kazez)

2. Professor Zvi Zohar of Bar-Ilan University to Lecture at FIU (Zohar)

3. Announcement: Scholarly Articles Research Alerting (Lawrence)

4. New Book: *Jewish Passages: Cycles of Jewish Life* (Goldberg)

5. Welcome Back to the List: Emily Gottreich (Ben-Ur)

1. Istanbul Jewish Marriage and Burial Records Now on Line (Kazez)

From: H-TURK <>
Via: Rachel Simon <rsimon@Princeton.EDU> and H-TURK

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 23:51:56 -0400
From: Daniel Kazez <[deleted as per D.K.'s request of 7/11/11]>

I hope the matter of names and community/family records will be of interest to a few people reading this. I realize that this message won't exactly be central to the interests of a majority of readers....

As project leader, I am pleased to share a search engine for more than 25,000 Istanbul marriage and burial records:

We are deeply indebted to the Jewish community of Istanbul for their interest in (and devotion to) these very valuable records. In particular, Lina Filiba and Erdal Frayman worked relentlessly to provide access to the necessary paper documents. We appreciate the assistance of Beto Adato (Kuzguncuk Community), Moiz Kohen (Ortakoy Community), Maryo Frayman
(Ashkenazi Community), and Anri Niyego (Kadikoy Community). We owe great thanks to the American Sephardic Federation for hosting this search engine and to David Pool for making the web site and search engine.

For all of our records, we owe great gratitude to the dozens and dozens of volunteers who typed and proofed these records, in Turkish, French, Ladino, Hebrew, and Solitreo. Without their hundreds of hours of labor, these records would remain in handwritten form only, on paper. Many people have helped with this project in one way or another (as mentioned at the web site
above), but it is our volunteers that have put in the real hours.

Dan Kazez
Daniel Kazez <[deleted as per D.K.'s request of 7/11/11]>
Professor of Music / Wittenberg University / Springfield, Ohio USA
2. Professor Zvi Zohar of Bar-Ilan University to Lecture at FIU (Zohar)

From: zion zohar <>
Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 4:32 PM

I am very happy to announce that Prof. Zvi Zohar from Bar-Ilan University will be our guest at Florida International University and will lecture in our President Navon Sephardic Studies Lecture Series. We at FIU are glad to share this wonderful opportunity of hosting Prof.Zohar with other institutions. Since we are already covering his travel expenses to the United States, the cost of having him lecture in any university in the United States will cost only the airfare within the US and whatever amount of honorarium the host institution negotiates with Prof.Zohar. The only thing we ask is that FIU WILL BE MENTIONED IN THE PUBLICATION AS Prof. Zohar’s PLACE OF VISITINGSHIP. I am including his information so that anyone interested can contact him directly. Please note he is going to be in the US for a very brief period of time -- for 2 weeks only starting January 26, first come first serve. So those who are interested please hurry. For more information about Prof. Zvi Zohar please see the Association for Jewish Studies Visiting Scholar Informatin for 2002-2003 or contact me directly, off-list, at: <>

Please find below some more information about Zvi Zohar.

All the best ,

Zion Zohar
3. Announcement: Scholarly Articles Research Alerting (Lawrence)

From: Sharron Lawrence <>
Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2003 5:16 AM

[Note from Editor/Moderator Aviva Ben-Ur: This message is not “junk mail”--it was sent to me from Sharron Lawrence specifically for distribution to the readers of this Discussion List.]

Dear Colleagues:

Taylor & Francis currently publishes over 750 academic peer-reviewed journals across a variety of disciplines. In response to the changing needs of the academic community, we are using the Internet actively to disseminate information about journals in advance of publication.

SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting, is a special email service designed to deliver tables of contents, for any Taylor & Francis, Carfax, Routledge, Spon Press, or Psychology Press journal, to anyone who has requested the information. This service is completely free of charge.

All you need to do is register, and you will be sent contents pages of the journal(s) of your choice from that point onwards, in advance of the printed edition.

You can select to receive alerts by keyword or by title and you may unsubscribe at any time. For each of your choices, you will receive the relevant bibliographic information: journal title, volume/issue number and the ISSN. You will also receive full contents details, names of authors and the appropriate page numbers from the printed version.

Titles that may be of interest are:

Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy
Journal of Modern Jewish Studies

To register for this complimentary service, please visit:

For a free online sample copy or further information on the above titles, please visit

4. New Book: *Jewish Passages: Cycles of Jewish Life* (Goldberg)

From: Harvey E Goldberg <>
Date: Sunday, August 3, 2003 10:01 AM

Readers of the list might be interested in the following, which has just been released by the University of California Press.

*Jewish Passages: Cycles of Jewish Life*

From the Description: American or Middle Eastern, Ashkenazi or Sephardi, insular or immersed in modern life--however diverse their situations or circumstances, Jews draw on common traditions and texts when they mark life's momentous events and rites of passage. The interplay of past and present, of individual practice and collective identity, emerges as a central fact of contemporary Jewish experience in Harvey E. Goldberg's multifaceted account of how Jews celebrate and observe the cycles of life. A leading anthropologist of Jewish culture, Goldberg draws on his own experience as well as classic sources and the latest research to create a nuanced portrait of Jewish rituals and customs that balances the reality of "ordinary Jews" with the authority of tradition.

Further information of the website:

Harvey Goldberg


5. Welcome Back to the List: Emily Gottreich (Ben-Ur)

From: Emily Gottreich <>
Date: Friday, August 1, 2003 2:45 PM

[Note from Editor/Moderator Aviva Ben-Ur: Our latest (re)subscriber can also be found on the Scholars’ List of the Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus website at:]

I work on Moroccan Jewish history, Jewish quarters in the Arab world, Arab Jews. Ph.D. from Harvard in History and Middle Eastern Studies (1999); am now Vice Chair of CMES at UC Berkeley, where I have also taught Jewish history.

Thank you,

Emily Gottreich
Dr. Emily Gottreich
Vice Chair
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of California
340 Stephens Hall, #2314
Berkeley, CA 94720-2314
tel: (510) 642-8208
fax: (510) 643-3001

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