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Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Discussion List - October 7, 2001

Association for Jewish Studies Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus
Discussion List
Week of Sunday, October 7 2001 (20 Tishre 5762)
Editor/Moderator: Aviva Ben-Ur <>

1. Seeking Contact Information (Ben-Ur)

2. Query: Jews in the Turkish Film Indstry (Liran)

3. Seeking Contact Information of Yehuda Galinski (Schorsch)

4. Visiting Fellowships in Jewish Studies (Gafni)

5. Maurice Amado Foundation Fellowship Opportunities for Sephardic Studies (UCLA)

6. Call for Papers: Fifth Biennial Scholars' Conference on American Jewish History (Raider)

7. Exhibit and Lecture Series on Mario Giacomelli (Levi)

8. Job Announcement: Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Washington (Steele)

9. Seeking Speakers: Islam and Judaism at Knox College (Gold)


1. Seeking Contact Information (Ben-Ur)

Dear Colleagues:

I am seeking the updated email addresses of the following subscribers:
1. David Seidenberg (formerly:
2. Jonathan Decter (formerly:
3. Annette Fromm (formerly:
4. Michal Friedman (formerly:

Many thanks in advance.

Aviva Ben-Ur
2. Query: Jews in the Turkish Film Indstry (Liran)

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 19:18:16 -0400
From: rafil <>
Via: Victor Ostapchuk <>
and: H-TURK: Jews in the Turkish film industry
Courtesy: Rachel Simon <rsimon@Princeton.EDU>

I have already done a research on Jewish musicians and Karakgoz in the
Ottoman period focusing on the 15-16 centuries. I have learned a lot
from the book of Metin And, *A history of theatre and popular entertainment
in Turkey*, the article of Ilhan Basgoz, ‘The Waqwaq tree in the Turkish
shadow play theatre Karagoz and the story of Esther,’ Pamela J. Sezgin,
“Dorn, hakhamim, derivishes, and court singer: The relationship of Ottoman
Jewish music to classical Turkish music,” Charles Berlin, “A sixteenth
century Hebrew chroncle of the Ottoman Empire: the Seder Eliyahu Zuta of
Alijah Capsali and its message,” and others.

This research brings the idea to make my thesis on the Jews and their
relation with the Turkish film industry. I am in my first step. I have
found bibliography on film industry in Turkey, but as a student of Jewish
history I have to be more specific about the issue of activity by Jews. In 1908 a number of cinemas were opening in cities throughout Turkey by foreigners and members of minority groups. Article that published in one of the Arab newspapers talk about the Jews and their relation with the Egyptian
cinema and also in the Arab world. From this information I have to build my
research and collect pieces of information. I was hoping to get some, if there were any, from H-Turk: Jewish stars, producers, directors, owners of cinemas, and anything that can bring a light to the role that Jews played in the beginning of film industry in Turkey.

Thanks a lot for your attention, hope to learn from you,

Noemi Liran
Haifa University

[Note from Editor/Moderator Aviva Ben-Ur: Slight edit. Please reply directly to: Victor Ostapchuk <>]
3. Seeking Contact Information of Yehuda Galinski (Schorsch)

Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001 7:22 PM

The following results from your form ( were submitted on 9/23/2001:

comments: Dear People,

I somehow lost my information for the electronic discussion list.

I am very interested in the paper given this summer at the World Congress for Jewish Studies by Yehuda Galinski on the Siete Partidas and the "Four Turim" of R. Jacob b. Asher. Might anyone know how I can contact the author?

Many thanks in advance. Best wishes for a shana tova u-metuka and a g'mar tov to everyone!

Jonathan Schorsch
Dept. of History
Emory University

[Note from Editor/Moderator Aviva Ben-Ur: Please reply directly to:
4. Visiting Fellowships in Jewish Studies (Gafni)

Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 5:03 AM
Via: Rachel Simon <rsimon@Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Jewish Studies Fellowship (Yad Hanadiv)


Yad Hanadiv and the Beracha Foundation are offering visiting fellowships
in Jewish Studies for the academic year 2002-2003. Fellowships will be
awarded to teachers of Judaic studies who hold non-tenured university
positions, or who will have received tenure after September 2002. The
fellows will spend the academic year in Israel, working on their own
research but also meeting regularly with a senior scholar in their
field. Fellows are required to confirm that upon completion of their fellowship they will resume teaching Jewish studies at a university abroad.

The fellowships for 2002-2003 will be in the amount of $20,000., with an
additional allowance of $2,000. for spouse and $2,000. for each child.

Applications must be received by December 31st 2001. Information and
application forms may be obtained by writing to:

Yad Hanadiv/Beracha Visiting Fellowships
16 Ibn Gvirol St.
Jerusalem 92430

Fax. # 972-2-5610028
5. Maurice Amado Foundation Fellowship Opportunities for Sephardic Studies (UCLA)


The UCLA Center for Jewish Studies, is pleased to announce the Maurice
Amado Foundation Research Fund in Sephardic Studies for the academic
year 2002 - 2003.

The purpose of the Research Fund is to support innovative research in
the many diverse areas of Sephardic studies, including religion, philosophy,
history, language, literature, anthropology, sociology, and musicology.

Grants of up to $5000.00 each will be made to exceptionally promising
graduate students, junior faculty (pre-tenure), or senior faculty in the
process of shifting into Sephardic Studies from some other area of specialization to help support research and writing leading to
publication in the field of Sephardic Studies. Awards will be made on the basis of a well-developed research plan that promises to make a fundamental
contribution to a particular area of Sephardic Studies or to the
conceptualization and elaboration of some aspect of the larger field of
Sephardic Studies as such.

The aim of the Maurice Amado Research Fund, is to encourage the development of Sephardic Studies as both an independent field of culture and research and as part of the larger world of Jewish Civilization, a
multifaceted realm in relations of constant exchange and mutual influence
with the many civilizations it is located within. Hence preference will be given to comparative projects rather than narrow monographs.
Moreover, award recipients will also be expected to participate in a new virtual scholarly circle coordinated by the Center, which is meant to expand the interchange between scholars.

ELIGIBILITY: The Research Fund is open to faculty and graduate students
throughout the world, who will become UCLA visiting scholars by accepting
the award. UCLA visiting scholars in the Humanities at UCLA are
non-stipendiary appointments, who need not be in residence at UCLA.
Scholars who receive support from the Maurice Amado Research Fund will
be affiliated with the Center for the duration of the award.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE & INFORMATION: The postmark deadline for proposals
is December 31, 2001. For further information and to obtain application
and guidelines, access the CJS website at:
<> or contact the CJS at

6. Call for Papers: Fifth Biennial Scholars' Conference on American Jewish History (Raider)

From: Mark Raider <>
Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 10:09 AM

JUNE 9-11, 2002

The Fifth Biennial Scholars' Conference on American Jewish History, under
the sponsorship of the Center for Jewish Studies of the University at
Albany, State University of New York and the Academic Council of the
American Jewish Historical Society, will be held on the campus of the University at Albany on June 9-11, 2002. Proposals for focused expositions of themes, topics, problems, or issues arising from diverse areas of
research on American Jews and American Judaism are welcome. Priority for
acceptance will be given to high-quality proposals as well as proposals for
fully planned sessions. Graduate students completing dissertations may
submit proposals accompanied by a letter of recommendation from their
advisor. One-page paper abstracts, panel proposals, and bios (250 words max.) are due November 16, 2001.

Please submit to:

Prof. Mark A. Raider, Conference Chair
Scholars' Conference on American Jewish History
University at Albany
Center for Jewish Studies, Humanities 244
Albany, NY 12222

Web site:
Fax: (518) 442-4136
Tel. (518)442-8039


Mark A. Raider, Ph.D.
Chair, Judaic Studies Department
Director, Center for Jewish Studies
University at Albany
Humanities 244
Albany, NY 12222

tel 518/442-8039
fax 518/442-4136
7. Exhibit and Lecture Series on Mario Giacomelli (Levi)

From: Joseph Abraham Levi <>
Via: Aviva Ben-Ur <>
Date: October 1, 2001

The Bannister Gallery at Rohde Island College in Providence, RI, annouces:

Exhibit and lecture series on Mario Giacomelli (1925-2000), one of the most acclaimed Italian photographers of the latter half of the 20th century.

Among the talks is one relating to Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies:

"Portugal Meets Italy: Sephardic Communities of the Diaspora on Italian Soil, 1496-1600. Talk by Joseph Levi, Department of Modern Languages.

For more information, see: or contact Gallery Director, Dennis O'Malley, 401-456-9765,
8. Job Announcement: Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Washington (Steele)

From: Cynthia Steele <>
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2001 4:57 PM

Dear Colleagues,

Below is the job ad for assistant professor of Spanish at the University of Washington that we have advertised in the current MLA Job List. Please consider applying yourself, if appropriate, or share this description with
colleagues and/or students.

Tenure-track assistant professor of Spanish peninsular literature and cultural studies, specialist in Golden Age with possible secondary specialization in Transatlantic or Sephardic or Hispano-Arabic or modern peninsular literature and culture. Ph.D. by date of appointment. Native or near-native command of Spanish and English. Strong research profile, dynamic classroom teacher, and energetic colleague. Teach five literature, culture and grammar courses a year (over three quarters). Ability to direct study-abroad program in Cadiz desirable. Letter, c.v., transcripts, three academic letters of recommendation, three recent sets of student teaching evaluations, and a sample essay or dissertation chapter by October 31, to Professor Cynthia Steele, Chair, Division of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, Box 354360, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-4360. We are an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications from women and members of sexual and ethnic minorities encouraged.

Professor Cynthia Steele Chair, Spanish and Portuguese
Studies C-104 Padelford Hall tel. (206) 543-2022 or 543-2020
Box 354360 fax (206) 685-7054
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
9. Seeking Speakers: Islam and Judaism at Knox College (Gold)

Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 21:19:31 -0400
From: Penny S. Gold <>
Via: Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein, H-Judaic <>
Subject: seeking speakers (Gold)

I am writing in search of help with identifying possible speakers to
visit Knox College (Galesburg, Illinois). The Hillel Club (to which I
am faculty advisor) along with the Islamic Club would like to co-sponsor
two lectures, one on the subject of comparing Islam and Judaism as
religions and the other on the subject of Jewish-Muslim relations in a
setting other than the current Middle East (possibly medieval Spain, for
example, or the Ottoman Empire). Recommendations of possible speakers
(including yourself) would be much appreciated. We are looking to have
the visits during our winter term (aiming for sometime between about
January 17 and February 22), but if someone could come this fall, that
would be fine also. We would pay transportation, lodging, food, and an

Any suggestions you might be able to provide would be much appreciated.

[Please reply directly to email address below]
Penny S. Gold
Professor and Chair of History
Knox College
Galesburg, IL 61401

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