University Writing Committee Membership

Chair:  Genevieve Chandler (

Members (Name, Department, Term Expiration):

Seven Faculty Members At Large:
Evan Ross (Environmental Conservation), 2023 S
Becky Miller (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), 2020 F
Brian Baldi (TEFD), 2021 S
Andrea Dallas (LLC), 2021 F
Marissa Carrere (Political Science) 2022 S

One Faculty Member from Each School/College/Professional Library Staff:

College of Engineering:
Edward Cottrill, 2022 F

College of Humanities and Fine Arts:
Jessica Barr (Comp-Lit), 2021 S
Jeff Parker (English), 2021 S
Haivan Hoang (English), 2022 F

College of Natural Sciences:
Matthew Moore (Food Science), 2021 S

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Kimberlee Perez (Communication), 2021 S

Isenberg School of Management:

College of Education:

College of Nursing:
Ginny Chandler, Co-Chair (Nursing), 2022 S

College of Information and Computer Sciences:

School of Public Health and Health Sciences:
Eliza Frechette (Kinesiology), 2022 F

Katherine Freedman, (Library), 2022 S
Sarah Hutton(Library), 2022 S

Commonwealth Honors College:

Director of the Writing Program (E):
Elkie Burnside

Associate Director of the Writing Program/Junior Year Writing (E):
Deborah McCutchen

Provost or designee (E):
Carol Barr


Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
MJ Peterson


One Graduate Student:
Jeremy Levine


One Undergraduate Student: