University Relations and Advancement Council

Chair: Philippe Baillargeon (




The University Relations and Advancement Council will meet on the following dates during the 2019-2020 academic year:

Fall Semester
October 10
November 7
December 5 --Cancelled

Spring Semester
February 6
March 5
April 9

All meetings will be from 4-5 p.m. and take place in Whitmore 358, unless otherwise indicated.


The University Advancement Council shall represent the faculty by:

  1. Participating in an advisory capacity regarding the function of the Office of University Advancement including:  alumni relations, University communications, development, public affairs, and University relations;
  2. Addressing issues of policy and its implementation; and
  3. Reviewing the budget of all University Advancement units.

Its membership shall be:

  1. Thirteen Faculty Members, including one from each School/College headed by a Dean and one Librarian;
  2. The Provost or a designee, serving ex officio;
  3. The Executive Vice Chancellor for University Relations, serving ex officio;
  4. The Vice Chancellor for University Advancement or a designee, serving ex officio;
  5. The Director of Athletics or a designee, serving ex officio;
  6. The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee, serving ex officio, non-voting;
  7. The Editor of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian or a designee;
  8. One Graduate Student; and
  9. One Undergraduate Student.

From Chapter 5 Section 20 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws.