Status of Women Council

Chair: Rachel Green (





Fall 2022:  Meeting Schedule:  Meeting are held via Zoom. To attend a meeting, contact the committee chair for the Zoom link.
October 19 - 3:00-3:40
October 20 - 1:00-1:40
November 9 - 3:00-3:40 - Cancelled
November 10 - 1:00-1:40
December 7 - 3:00-3:40 - Cancelled
December 8 - 1:00-1:40 - Cancelled

Spring 2022 Meeting Schedule: 
March 6 - 11:30-12:30
April 3 - 11:30-12:30
May 1 - 11:30-12:30



The Status of Women Council shall make recommendations concerning gender, equity, and inclusivity on the campus, including issues affecting those who identify as women, trans, or non-binary. Its areas of concern include hiring, promotion, salaries and the granting of tenure; institutional support for childcare and caregiving; gender equity in admission, financial aid, funding, and degree completion; matters related to Title IX, gender-based harassment, discrimination, and violence; and programs, policies and initiatives that support campus community members in their many roles and responsibilities as teachers, students, employees, and caregivers.

Its membership shall be:

  1. Thirteen Faculty Members, including one from each School/College headed by a Dean and one Librarian;
  2. One Representative from the Massachusetts Society of Professors, selected by the Massachusetts Society of Professors;
  3. One Representative from the Center for Women and Community;
  4. Two Members of the non-professional staff, selected by the appropriate unions;
  5. One Member of the professional staff, chosen by the Professional Staff Union (PSU);
  6. The Provost or a designee, serving ex officio;
  7. The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or a designee, serving ex officio;
  8. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or a designee, serving ex officio;
  9. The Executive Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity or a designee, serving ex officio;
  10. The Chairperson of the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Program or a designee, serving ex officio;
  11. The Director of the Office of Family Resources or a designee, serving ex officio;
  12. The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee, serving ex officio, non-voting;
  13. Two Graduate Students; and
  14. Two Undergraduate Students.

From Chapter 5 Section 17 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws.