JTFRA Membership

The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee:
MJ Peterson

The Chair of the Rules Committee or designee:
A Yemisi Jimoh

The Chair of the Academic Priorities Council or designee:
Richard Bogartz 

The Chair of the Program and Budget Council or designee:
D. Anthony Butterfield

Five (5) Members of the Faculty, appointed by the Rules Committee:
Laura Briggs
Julie Brigham-Grette
David Evans
Patrick Kelly
Jennifer Normanly, Co-Chair 

The President of the Student Government Association or designee:
Mark Hochberg

The President of the Graduate Student Senate or designee:
Adina Gianelli

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Budget Director:
Andrew Mangels

The Associate Chancellor and Chief Planning Officer:
Bryan Harvey

Two (2) School/College Deans appointed by the Chancellor:
Timothy Anderson
Mark Fuller

Five (5) Other Members of the Administrative Staff: 
Julie Buehler
Mari Castañeda
Stephen Cavanagh
Elizabeth Chilton, Co-Chair 
Mike Malone

Co-Chairs of the Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight:
Nancy Cohen
Amilcar Shabazz